Deviating From The Path

Yesterday we went to one of my favorite houses in town.

Happy Little House

Happy Little House

It’s a happy little house that lives on a bike trail.  This house discriminates against no one.  And it accessible to all.   I sat on a bench just to sit and look at it.

A runner approaches.  As she approaches and passes we have a brief but meaningful conversation.  She has never seen this before.  Which says she has never been at this end of the trail, at least since it’s construction the last couple of years.  She runs past to go to the end of the trail.   Just a wee jog from where I sat.  Still looking at the happy house.  She turned around and came back and deviated off of her running course to run up the ramp.  I hollered at  her to make sure to run across the swinging bridge.  She hollered back asking where it was.  I hollered at Husband who was already in the happy house to show her.  He directs her.   I could hear her exclaim in childlike joy.  She ran out of the bridge, and circled back around to run over it again.

She ran back towards me with a smile on her face.   “Worth it wasn’t it?”   I asked.

The smile on her face answered well before her words did.

And then I sat there and watched her run away.

Seems like a silly thing, but she amazed me.

I watched her run away and thought back to all of the bike trails, runs, walks, drives through places unknown.  Or even places I was familiar with.  Places I went to for a purpose.  To ride that predetermined number of miles.  To run those little miles that take me out and back.   To get to point B from the point where I started.   How many times did I pass something and think “oh I should….”  or “oh man that looks interesting….”.

But I never deviated from the path I was on.

I’m not saying I never have.  But when I watched her run up the ramp, circle around, and around again to run across a three foot span of “swing bridge” that is safety equipped and doesn’t really swing yet still managed to put a happy smile on her face I couldn’t help but wonder.

How many little moments of awe or inspiration or childlike joy have I missed?

Because I didn’t deviate from the path.

I think I might try a little deviance today.


33 thoughts on “Deviating From The Path

  1. Nothing wrong with a little DEVIATING – I think we should … do it more often than we do … let the unknown take over .. and just do it. We keep us to our path because we are comfortable and in a way we know where it leads. I have never been afraid when I left my path and took an other one … through moving abroad … was only 20 the first time.
    I find it so exciting .. it’s like getting a new start in life.
    Love the little house .. it’s like a little tree house. *smile Have a great week now .. mine starts early with hospital visit .. not much of deviating there.


  2. This is just the perfect thing to read as a new week opens. The “grind” can really take over rather than leave space open for a little mini-adventure here and there. I hope I come across a swinging bridge this week, too! 🙂


  3. Great point! I have noticed when I take the kiddos with me to places I’ve been a hundred times they spot things too that I have missed. It always makes me realize how much I am missing and not observing because my mind is too focused on the task at hand. I have no idea how to change that about myself but I seriously need to figure it out!


  4. Going out of your way … circling back and about can often be good. But do not dwell too much on such a thing. Sometimes going on another path, while giving you yet another adventure, can make you miss the adventure you were on.

    So … all paths are good *gentle smiles* …. and I refrain from quoting from The Road Not Taken” …


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