Schedule Interrupted

I scheduled myself to write something brilliant and over the top incredible today.

But I decided to stop living by lists, schedules,  demands and responsibility.


Instead I wish you a happy day.  Full of smiles.  Creative thoughts.  And opportunities galore.

It’s a great day for doing what you want.

What you can.

What you hope for.

What makes you happy.

If you aren’t sure I hope you take a moment to explore something new today.

If brilliance would happen to occur today I will share it with you.

But other wise….

Let’s exist happily today.

22 thoughts on “Schedule Interrupted

    • Carl D’Agostino, it’s like you were bouncing around in my head. When I have written something that is particularly poignant to someone I can’t even explain it. It’s just there. Rolling off of my fingertips.

      (By the way, I can’t schedule any brilliance either. That was my cover story for not having any. I think you blew my cover.) 😉


  1. Simplicity and enjoyment of the essential are always the best things in my book, brilliance not required for that 😉
    Hope you had a wonderful day.


  2. My happy days … is every day I wake up and don’t have any mayor problems … and there is no more schedules in my life – even when I had … schedules … I never stick to them. A boss nightmare.


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