Knowing What To Trust

I don’t trust people that are laughing, and when you look at them, they stop laughing.

I don’t trust any human being can ever love my child as much as I do.

I don’t trust that the world will be as good to my grandchildren as I expect it to.

I don’t trust that I won’t say something stupid at very critical points in my life.

I don’t trust that I won’t cry at a stupid commercial in front of others.

I don’t trust that I will not break out in song in a public bathroom.

I don’t trust going in to a bike store or a book store without putting myself in to huge debt.

I don’t trust myself to pronounce most words correctly.

I don’t trust opening a carton of ice cream and expecting it to last a week, or more than one setting.

I don’t trust the sound of my laugh to not freak out some people.

I don’t trust that I know the appropriate decibel level for cube talk.

I don’t trust my knowledge about 50% of what I talk about.

I don’t trust that I know when to shut up (reference above statement).

I don’t trust that most of this matters.

I do trust that I know what matters most.