And There Is Trust

I trust a man who gives me the first bite of his ice cream.

And I trust that man who gives me the last serving of ice cream.

I trust a child who says “I love you much Mamo”.

I trust a daughter who says “you are the best mom!”

I trust a Son rise.

And I trust a sunrise.

I trust that urge I had to start drinking coffee at the age of 42 because it is healthy for me.

I trust chocolate’s healing powers.

I trust that I am somebody’s favorite.

I trust that my favorites knows who they are.

I trust that some would catch me if I fall.

I trust that others would reach out a hand to help me up.

I trust a face that breaks into a smile when I walk in the room.

I trust some hearts to forgive me when I mess up.

I trust that love exists.

I trust that evil does not rule.

I trust that bicycles are God’s favorite mode of transportation.

I trust a baby’s laugh.

I trust  faith in a sleeping child’s smile.

I trust that I am loved.

I trust the love I know.

I trust I am all of my siblings favorite.

I trust I am my parent’s favorite.

I trust that if you stuck with me this far you expected something fun at the end.

I trust people who believe everything I say.