He Does Not Belong Here

I don’t think it’s America’s problem.

I don’t think we should see any more news or dialogue about it.

The last thing America should do – is fly him home, and allow peace and healing to begin.

We do not need to disrespect his religion.   His body.   Or make any more issues out of this.

Fly him home and let his country take care of what to do with him.

I admire the people who took custody of his remains.  As human beings, it is the right thing to do.  Everyone needs to leave them alone.

America I would rather we spend our money in putting him in a casket.  Getting him the flight to take him home.   Tell his country and his family that he is on his way.     Taking care to be respectful because how we act is a reflection on us.  Not him.  He can do us no more harm.  Unless we allow this to carry on and on.   Unless we continue to make it an issue.   We continue to give him control over us when we act less than human, less than dignified.

This  is not America’s issue.

There is a child still involved in this.   I don’t know anything about this child.  But she is part of America.  And we shouldn’t make it any harder on her than it is going to be.   Than it already is.

For once I hope the government does the fast, non political, non arguing, non negotiable thing.

Send him home.

He doesn’t belong here.