Who’s Your Mama?

Who’s Your Mama?

Mom Of EIght

Who Was She?

Cute Mama

Who Is She?

Where Is She From?

Where Is She Going And What Did She Dream?

img007 (3) - Copy

Who Did She Love First?

Who Will She Love Always?

First Love Always Love

First Love
Always Love

And Who Is Her Favorite?

Croagh Patrick and Me


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


Your Absolute Favorite!



This is early so the others can try, and fail, at getting her a better gift.

41 thoughts on “Who’s Your Mama?

      • I’m chuckling alright…have I ever told you guys the story of the baby who was the favorite for a little over 18 months? You see, there was this fat, bald little baby (cruelly nicknamed “Khrushchev” I might add – never heard of him? Google it) who had all the attention in the world. Then, one day, he was double-teamed by two new little fellas and it just kept going from there…


        • You realize you are the ONLY one of us that had ONE DAY let alone EIGHTEEN months of being the favorite and only.

          Fat, and bald. Still don’t see how that was possible. Not with your mane of golden curls.

          Yeah, those two little fellas double teamed EVERY one. 🙂


  1. Seriously? How could you have a favorite with eight ” yes you heard right 8″ of the most wonderful; adorable ; children God ever put here for me to love and cherish. I must say though that baby picture is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Thank you Colleen for that. Love you all this much –——––——————–——————————. And on infinitum!!


  2. And on one other note….that is my wonderful precious and ever so missed and loved daddy walking me down the aisle!!!!!


  3. Oh my stars no wonder I love you so much. I am Mom’s favorite too. Just ask me. BTW I knew that post was yours when all that came up was the picture because you look just like her to me. Gotta go get on my feet of wheels are I’d write more.


  4. Looks like you beat the others to it, Colleen! By the way, I think you gave your mom the best gift–it’s something money can’t buy. You shared her legacy with your readers. Way to go! 🙂


    • I hope she comes back to read all of these comments! It never hurts to have a little support in the running for ‘favorite’. 😉 Thank you Anka! I think she liked it. 🙂


  5. Well done #4. Happy Mothers day to you and to ours. Nice job as usual. Pic 3 is U! I have never seen that one. How does DB ALWAYS get the first comment?


    • Because when I’m finished writing and I post it I yell “BLOG” out to the living room and he reads it. 🙂

      And thank you. #3 is the one I thought I looked like. Only time I ever saw “me” in mom. 🙂


  6. Can say as an absolute fact that she did love it and loves all of you!!!! Btw how does Mr. Brown always get the first comment? Just saying! Jh


  7. I love the comment from your Mom!!! I know you had a picture of your Dad on here before and I thought you looked strikingly similar to him but that first picture of your Mom looks so much like you??? How is this possible??? Anyway, I know you must have had one bang up Mom if she produced someone so wonderful as you!


    • I still don’t see the similarity except for the one picture. I see me in a lot of my dad. But putting her pictures up like this…..

      Mom can be pretty witty!!!!! She had to be to stay sane. 😉


  8. Love you post and the fantastic old photos full of memories and love for you.
    Happy Mothers Day – why do we need a special day to treat and appreciate our mothers .. something we should do everyday – sorry, for being an old fart again.
    Colleen, what about those women that can’t become a mums … what all those that don’t know how their mum is. Really though day .. for them.


    • I know, it is a tough day for so many people. Reflective for some.

      Thank you for the nice wishes. 🙂 And I am pretty sure I never consider you an old fart! Maybe a fart, but not old. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😉


  9. You look like your Mom! I have no doubt that you are her favorite. Just curious, did she whispered to you that you are her favorite?

    Secret, I whispered to each of my child that he/she is my favorite. And this one is not a secret, The Father whispered the same to me too. And you?

    Hugggggggs to your Mom 🙂


    • 🙂 Thank you Bended!

      Your message is always so beautiful. How could I ever read anything from you and not know my Father loves me as His favorite???? If I ever forget, or doubt, you are there to remind me. And this always fills my heart. 🙂

      Mom will see your Huggggggggggs! And it will make her smile!


  10. I so enjoy your misrepresentations!!!!! We all know that I am indeed Mom’s favorite. But for the sake of your readers, I will go along with the cherade….sort of. Love you, Ma! Love you, too, sis!


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