When I Was Five This Was Perfect

You couldn’t go wrong with messages of love when you were five.

When my children were five there was nothing better than getting their first written messages.

Here’s a message …

For all of the mom’s.

All of the step mom’s.

All of the foster mom’s.

All of the grandmom’s.

All of the hurting mom’s.

All of the gone before us mom’s.

All of the long distance mom’s.

All of the mom’s praying for their children.

All of the mom’s who never got the chance to be the mom they wanted to be.

All of the aunt’s who filled in as mom’s.

All of the people who play a mom role in any person’s life, be they child or adult.

All of the mom’s who want a message from their child, where ever they are.

I hope you accept this simple message.