Fifty Dollars

If I gave you fifty dollars how could you change a person’s life?

You couldn’t spend it on yourself.

You could spend it on, or for, anyone else.

How would you spend it?

Would you do something fun?

Would you make it a surprise?  Something spontaneous?

Or something you spend time thinking about and planning?

Would you do something with someone or do something anonymously for someone?

And would you do it and be done with it…

Or would you change someone’s life?

Can you change someone’s life with fifty dollars?

How can you change someone’s life with fifty dollars?

And can you change someone’s life,

Without spending a penny?

If you were challenged to make a difference in a person’s life, what would you do?

Make a difference in two different lives.

Spend fifty dollars in one and spend nothing in another.


What do you get out of it?