Fifty Dollars

If I gave you fifty dollars how could you change a person’s life?

You couldn’t spend it on yourself.

You could spend it on, or for, anyone else.

How would you spend it?

Would you do something fun?

Would you make it a surprise? Β Something spontaneous?

Or something you spend time thinking about and planning?

Would you do something with someone or do something anonymously for someone?

And would you do it and be done with it…

Or would you change someone’s life?

Can you change someone’s life with fifty dollars?

How can you change someone’s life with fifty dollars?

And can you change someone’s life,

Without spending a penny?

If you were challenged to make a difference in a person’s life, what would you do?

Make a difference in two different lives.

Spend fifty dollars in one and spend nothing in another.


What do you get out of it?

32 thoughts on “Fifty Dollars

  1. $50 dollar … I’m sure I can change something … maybe not a life, but I could change a day for somebody. I would give it to my charity spontaneous (post is coming tomorrow). Great post … great question.
    I think I can change the day for somebody just by being there … I doubt very much I can change a life … but I could have a part of it. Because after all our life change has to come from within too.


    • I love this response Viveka, it speaks of hope from others, but still someone needs to want, or be willing, to change. For that matter, open to change and/or accepting help.

      I love your answer.


  2. Fifty dollars in the right place at the right time can change a persons life. Money for gas and to buy a new shirt for a job interview can mean a world of difference. The problem is you never until later if it was the one thing that made the difference, if you ever find out.Investing your time in someone means more than money all the time. Does a young person remember the gift you bought them, or do they remember the time you spent listening to them?


  3. Tough philosophies and questions, Chatter Master. Really tough… Generally, I don’t believe in handing money to those who hold their hands out…but I do send “CARE packages” to soldiers and Marines… and donated shoes and clothing to those hit by the Japan earthquake… But I do donate funds to wounded veteran associations and the like. But again, you asked tough character questions. Perhaps there is only one answer… It depends on your beliefs and upbringing as to how $50 can affect humanity.


    • Wonderful reply Koji! I admire your willingness to help those you believe in and want to support. I know where your heart lies in these matters. Many people speak about their wanting to help others. And many, like you, actually take steps to help. I appreciate your answers.


  4. I don’t know anyone, personally, who is in dire straits. I would give the money to a food bank I know. I don’t give to pan handlers either. Sounds awful but there have been enough stories about fakes. There is no easy answer, I suppose.


  5. GREAT question, Colleen! In too many parts of the world $50 could make the difference between life and death. Think about how little it cost to vaccine a child against polio or to buy a couple of chickens whose eggs could help feed a family for a long time. There is a website called KIVA that allows you to make very small loans to folks in the developing world $20 -50 that indeed can change a life. And the pay back rate is incredibly high. Check it out.


    • Thank you Kathy! I pulled it up and am looking at it. It is exciting to think that whether it is money, or time, given to another-we have the opportunity to help someone else. Possibly in dramatic ways. Maybe in small ways… But it all makes a difference that adds up hugely to better lives. And us, as better people. Thank you so much for the answer. πŸ™‚ HUGS returned!


    • That is a very good idea. We often have food drives through the year for the food banks, but never money drives.

      I am not sure what I would do. I have many answers along the lines of what I’ve seen.

      But if I do something special for an upcoming event, I wanted different ideas.

      On one of my past birthdays Husband asked me what I wanted. There was nothing I could think of that I absolutely had to have. So instead I sent $5 to each of my nieces/nephews/children and asked them to spend it on someone else. All they had to do was let me know what they did. Out of 16 kids I think I got 4 responses. But none of the money back!!! πŸ˜‰

      I am thinking along those lines. πŸ™‚


  6. When you grow up with so little, it’s amazing how $50 can sometimes seem like a $1000. I am such a empathetic person that I would probably hand it over to the first person I thought that could benefit from it. It kills me to see kids in rags or grown men huddling inside a laundrymat for warmth. I just don’t understand it. If only I had an unlimited amount of $50 dollar bills to hand out.


    • Great point MSampson. $50 is viewed in so many different ways. Some may think it won’t make a difference at all. But some, everyone here, realizes it’s potential. These things you speak of are very hard in deed. Thank you so much for your answer.


  7. $50.

    Hmm … maybe it is not the amount in question here….I am thinking it is a place holder amount. Maybe the amount is $500. Maybe $5. Maybe $.50.

    I am thinking that the amount in question is really, what would/could you do with a small sum of money … what would you do with it to help someone. And … would this sum be enough to make a difference.

    At least that is how I am reading the question.

    *thinks more on this* …


    • Ok… I let this stew in my head a little. I think my answer is … I would buy someone a meal. Or I would donate it to charity. Or I would offer it to a friend in need.

      In my mind, if the sum is small … but everyone helps with their small sum … then it is not just $50 … it grows. The money grows. The good will grows. Our humanity grows.

      I am not exactly sure what I would use it for … it likely depends on the day, the circumstance, the colour of my mood. But I would find something. It might be a one time event or turn into something I support in the long term.

      And no matter what the amount, yes… it would make a difference.

      Very nice blog post to make us think.


      • I think Huck also said it depends on the day, and the need. That makes sense. I actually asked for a reason (that I didn’t share). But trying to come up with creative ideas for a birthday wish. πŸ™‚

        And I agree, Good Will grows when we nurture it. Thank you Irish Katie. πŸ™‚


        • Ahh …for a birthday gift? Woohooo!!!

          Uhm…there is always the good ol donate it in their name to a charity they support.

          Or … if it is your birthday wish from someone else…maybe something fun … buy 4 or 5 people in the coffee line behind you their coffee and morning treat….and then tell the cashier that the remainder is for her *smiles*


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