What’s Out There Waiting

Did it ever occur to you..

That what you send out in to the world…

To the great beyond….

Will be there waiting for you…

When you are done here?



What’s out there waiting.

Is your energy.




What’s out there waiting.

34 thoughts on “What’s Out There Waiting

  1. Hee-Haw brings back some good memories of watching it at my grandmother’s house! I like to think that I’m very aware of what I “put out there,” but I can always dig a little deeper to do better. Great reminder. I want good energy waiting for me!


    • Me too! I was thinking along these lines and saw this video. I love the message. “The deeds” that are waiting. I hope my good deeds far out weigh my bad deeds. I remember many a very young Saturday night, Lawrence Welk and then Hee Haw! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m glad that I don’t know what is out there waiting for me …. so fare has it been a good mix of everything. I try to make a different every day .. at least every time I have a chance .. I do it. Just bring it on – what ever may come. Love the little video … happy tune, thanks for the smile


    • You’re welcome Viveka. I couldn’t help but feel good when I heard it. I don’t know what is waiting for me. But if it depends on what kind of energy we all put out, I think you are in good hands. πŸ™‚


  3. Honestly Colleen here I have been pondering deeply how to phrase my exact belief for months and poof you just pop it down with apparent ease! Have reblogged and FB and copied to use again and again with acknowledgement. to you of course!!


  4. I choose to believe positive vibes will return positives and so on. Have you ever noticed when you’re down, nothing works out right? When you break out of the negativity, positives preside?

    Great post, Colleen.


  5. Oh man! Hee-Haw brings up such good memories for me! We all used to sit around and watch it as a family! I even had “Hee-Haw” bib overalls…actually they were my brothers but they got passed down to me!


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