Love And Support

The older I get the more things I want to try.  The more things I see the more things I think I can do.  I’m capable of learning and capable of putting the work in to doing things I never thought possible.

It was a proven fact that I have absolutely no musical ability or talent.

I say was because in the past two months I have been taking guitar lessons.

In two months I have learnt that I am full of all kinds of skill and ability.  For real.  Just ask my guitar teacher.  He’s amazed.

One problem.

I did purchase a guitar to begin these lessons.  Steel strings.  I thought it was awesome.   At the time I did not know anything.  We knew that.  But since I have been educated some and brought to the realization that I do have ability and capability I have noticed some odd sounds coming out of my guitar.  I keep hearing an odd twang.    It is very displeasing to my ear.  Last week the instructor showed me the difference between a nylon string guitar sound, and the steel string guitar sound.

I am thinking I am liking the sound of the nylon string.  When he showed me the difference I didn’t hear that odd twang particular to my guitar.

Before lessons this morning my friend Maggie was at the house.  Husband and I were visiting with her.  She takes lessons with me.

I told him and Maggie that the sound coming out of my guitar does not sound like music to me.

The guitar is too twangy.  I think I might switch to a nylon string guitar.

Maggie supported me.  I have been complaining about two particular strings since I got the guitar.

I said I know I just got this guitar but I might get the nylon string guitar.

Husband rolls his eyes.  And I said “I know you are cursing in your head because I just got this guitar but it doesn’t sound like music to me.”

Without missing a musical beat Husband says “no no, I support you getting another guitar, because you’re right.”

I smiled at his always there love and support.

Was about to move on in the discussion when I realized what he said.  “It doesn’t sound like music to you either?”

He just smiled and said “I’m sure it’s the guitar’s fault”.

Love and support.

And truth.

27 thoughts on “Love And Support

    • Yes they surely are that. I hope to play some guitar with some wee people myself one day. I hope I can encourage them to love the way music is made as much as they love to listen to it. And thank you. 🙂


  1. As skill level increases so does the level of the tools needed. That’s why you bought an entry level guitar to start. Reba doesn’t play a cheap guitar and neither should you.


  2. A good workman never blames his tools! 🙂

    Pleased you are discovering something that can be so therapeutic. Nothing could relax me the way that sitting with my guitar and shutting off the outside world could. Something I miss very much.

    Enjoy and don’t take the ability for granted!


    • I promise I won’t Steven (take it for granted). But I can’t promise the learning process will always be relaxing (especially for Husband!). 😉

      🙂 And to be quite honest I don’t think I can quite claim the guitar as a tool or qualify as a ‘workman’ yet. I do enjoy it, and what I told my teacher Saturday…. Is that I am happy most because by coming to lessons I have discovered I CAN do this. Maybe it’s not natural to me. But I can do it. 🙂


      • The learning process can be tough and sometimes doesn’t seem to be worth it. Are your fingertips raw yet from holding the chords?

        YOU WILL get there in the end and as long as you keep enjoying it, you will keep learning.

        Looking forward to the audio blog! 🙂


        • My fingers aren’t sore any more. Gratefully, they are calloused! I am enjoying that I can learn. And I hope to be able to play something recognizable at some point. Funny thing is, when I am just ‘playing” chords because I can, it sounds more musical to me than trying to put them in the order of someone else’s song. Does that make sense?

          Audio blog…. uhm… not TOO soon. 😉


          • I remember finding it easier to just learn which chords go together, the chords in the key of G for example, and play about myself. That way you can change when you want without being distracted by the timing and the rhythm of writing music.

            Anyway, you have an instructor who I am sure will be talking more sense than me.


            • Actually, I think I get what you mean. There are some chords that sound more pleasing to me. And I like playing them together.

              Our instructor is fabulous. We aren’t in any hurry and neither is he. Thank goodness!!!! No recital deadlines!


    • Oh my, the Harp. No. And unless I win tons o’ money, probably won’t. My gosh they are expensive! BUT! I think if I came across a used one, reasonable, I would consider it. If I can find a teacher.

      And a video? Let me think about that…………………. 😉


  3. I going to agree with Carl …. not all guitar music sounds like music in my ears neither. Colleen, when it’s about your playing – who cares how it sounds, so long as you get enjoyment from it and like what you’re doing. And I would love to know where the tree with men like Bikebrown are ready to be picked. *smile


  4. Two words: He’s whipped.

    Oops. I guess that’s three. And he also knows mobility comes from his darling wife. 🙂

    LOL Yes, nylon is softer sounding but the “twang” is easily resolved…and you will notice the nylon will be easier on your fingers.


    • The fingers are good and calloused now. But that would be nice. I am pretty sure the twang may be partially my fault. I’m not sure what to do yet. I’m very proud of my obsessive compulsive natured self for not running out and getting another guitar already. SO much for any retirement plans!!!


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