Love And Support

The older I get the more things I want to try.  The more things I see the more things I think I can do.  I’m capable of learning and capable of putting the work in to doing things I never thought possible.

It was a proven fact that I have absolutely no musical ability or talent.

I say was because in the past two months I have been taking guitar lessons.

In two months I have learnt that I am full of all kinds of skill and ability.  For real.  Just ask my guitar teacher.  He’s amazed.

One problem.

I did purchase a guitar to begin these lessons.  Steel strings.  I thought it was awesome.   At the time I did not know anything.  We knew that.  But since I have been educated some and brought to the realization that I do have ability and capability I have noticed some odd sounds coming out of my guitar.  I keep hearing an odd twang.    It is very displeasing to my ear.  Last week the instructor showed me the difference between a nylon string guitar sound, and the steel string guitar sound.

I am thinking I am liking the sound of the nylon string.  When he showed me the difference I didn’t hear that odd twang particular to my guitar.

Before lessons this morning my friend Maggie was at the house.  Husband and I were visiting with her.  She takes lessons with me.

I told him and Maggie that the sound coming out of my guitar does not sound like music to me.

The guitar is too twangy.  I think I might switch to a nylon string guitar.

Maggie supported me.  I have been complaining about two particular strings since I got the guitar.

I said I know I just got this guitar but I might get the nylon string guitar.

Husband rolls his eyes.  And I said “I know you are cursing in your head because I just got this guitar but it doesn’t sound like music to me.”

Without missing a musical beat Husband says “no no, I support you getting another guitar, because you’re right.”

I smiled at his always there love and support.

Was about to move on in the discussion when I realized what he said.  “It doesn’t sound like music to you either?”

He just smiled and said “I’m sure it’s the guitar’s fault”.

Love and support.

And truth.