In The Clouds

It’s a very different world we live in, than the world I came to know the first couple of decades of my life.  We knew people by meeting them, seeing them, touching them and being touched by them.

In our world now we are able to ‘meet’ people without ever being within the same building, county, state, continent.

We come to look forward to goods news, great thoughts and funny moments.

We share world’s with people who will never be in our physical world.

So it was with Zach.

I read of a young man named Zach Sobiech a few short months ago.  I fell in love with a song.  His song.  A beautiful song.   Sadly, or maybe not so sadly, he wrote it as he lived with cancer.  He was young.  Young. Young.  Seventeen when I first learned of him.   He turned 18 just a very short time ago.  I fell in love with his out look, attitude and his family and friends.  I never knew them.  Never met them.  But I looked forward to each new event he celebrated.  And each update his mother sent out.

Until today.

Today I read the notification that he has passed.

And the first thought I had as tears came to my eyes were “clouds”.

And sand castles.




And through it all.


How do I get so much from someone I never met?

His music.

Immediately my heart filled with grief.

But I heard his music.

And I followed his story through his music and his mother’s words in her updates.

My sympathies to the Sobiech family and friends.  I believe in their faith and their love.  And I’m thankful they shared it with us.

May the angels surround them all and they feel the soft breeze of the fluttering wings loving them through this time.  It’s not a soft wind you feel, but the power of his love flowing around you.