Renamed for Image: I’m Not Aging I’m Maturing

I was at a rehabilitation  facility today for work related business and headed out of the building when I came upon an older lady pushing her husband (as I found out later) in a wheel chair.  There was a bottleneck of traffic in the hallway so I just slowed down and was pretty much her shadow as we all made our way east.  And the on coming hallway traffic made their way west.

At one point she glanced over her shoulder at me and I smiled.  She smiled.  We spoke.  She pulled her husband’s wheelchair back and stepped back to walk next to me.

She looked at my foot.   She said “you’re limping”.

I said “I am indeed”.

She asked “why are you limping?”

I told her “I really don’t know.  It just started hurting.  I’m on my way to the doctor now”.

She nodded and said “who?”

I told her and she said “oh I thought it would be…” and listed a couple of orthopedics.

When we hit the main intersection of the building, space opened up, and  traffic scattered every where.  She smiled as she merrily pushed Husband in the direction they were headed.  I veered off towards the bathroom.  When I left I set off the alarm.  Which has nothing to do with this story.  But it happened, so there it is.

When I walked outside the Merry Wheelchair Pushing Wife was approaching me and said “good luck!”

I said thank you and stopped to engage with her  because she stopped when she got to me.

She told me it sucks to be aging.   I agreed with her.  But wondered why she thought I appeared to be aging.

She said she has had surgery on both of her knees.    “Me too!”  I said.

She said “I’ve had back surgery!’   Uh oh.   “Me too!”  I said.

She said “I’ve had abdomen surgery!”   Crap.  “Me too” I said without exclamation.

She said “I’ve had this/this and this removed”.   Oh.  Crud.  “me too” I nearly whispered.

She winked at me and said “well, again, good luck dear!”  Patted my arm, smiled happily, and sauntered off back in to the building and threw over her shoulder “going back in to get the husband”.

I limped my broken, hollowed out, aging ass to my car.


True story.

But the only reason I was limping was because I did something to my foot that I cannot explain because I don’t know the reason.  But it is likely because I injured it while my aging ass was biking, treadmilling or martial arting.   It’s activity related.  Definitely not age related.

So I am merrily limping my way through the rest of my day.

Aging My Ass