Because You Died For Me

Because you died for me

I will do my best

To be my best.

I will not squander my chance,

To live free.

To live with choice.

To honor your service and your memory.

Because you died for me

I will appreciate

The full life I have.

I will not belittle your sacrifice

By belittling my country

Or spoiling the greatness you believed in.

Because you died for me

I will learn what I can

Of what you went through,

What you suffered,

And what your family lost.

I will not turn my eyes from the lessons before me,

Or behind me.

Because you died for me

I will live in my country with gratitude for it’s very existence

Owed to you.

And your duty and your honor.

Because you died for me

Thank you is not enough.

Because you died for me

I must live with dignity

For the country you believed in.

And died for.

Because you died for me

I live free.



Thank you United States of America’s Veterans Past and Present

I will do my best to not take advantage of your sacrifice.  But honor it with living well for this country.

38 thoughts on “Because You Died For Me

  1. My gosh, Chatter Master. How humbling to read such great words about our military men and women who perished for our country and freedom. It is tremendously moving and for me, without equal. Such poetry…and honor.

    Thank you.


    • Thank You Koji, it’s the one I wrote you about saying I had it ready for Memorial Day. After I read one of your posts. I didn’t want to try and rush something off.


    • It was, with the thoughts of actual persons, faces, losses, memories. Knowing these through other’s makes this ‘holiday’ of remembrance so different than just a day off.


      • So, I’m not home this weekend and had set up your post to re-blog today. It never showed up. I tried to post it from my phone. Well, that didn’t go well. I was determined to share it with the world, so I shared it individually via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. 😉 Thanks again for sharing your beautiful words. I hope my sharing them will make them reach many more and touch hearts that wouldn’t otherwise have been lucky enough to read them.


        • I have seen others having difficulty with “reblogs” as well. I’m honored you liked this enough to share it. And whatever you did, must be working, because it appears people are reading “Because You Died For Me”. Thank you Little Miss Wordy. 🙂


  2. I straddle two worlds. But in this I agree with. No mater the America or the Ireland. People sacrificed their own for others. And for that, I am indebted with a debt I cannot repay.

    Whether they gave their lives or no…they were willing to for the ideals they believed in…for the ideals I believe in.


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