The Song In A Young Girl’s Heart

I don’t enjoy shopping.

Probably less than those who are working in the stores.   On a Saturday.  On a beautiful day.

I go through the store as quickly as I can.  All I need are a few items.   My shopping philosophy:  go, get, leave.

I went.  I got.  I walked up to the cashier.

No one else in line.

She was young.  She was smiling.  She asked me how my day is and how I am.

I respond and lay my items on the counter.

Then it happened.

I wasn’t sure I heard it.

No..yes…yes.  I hear it.

A hum.

A tune.

I look up from punching buttons on the machine thing at the check out.

And her beautifully happy face is still smiling.  Of course I am smiling at a face that is smiling at me.

I said “is that you?”

She smiled and said “yes, someone started singing ‘lollipop’ and I can’t get it out of my head”.

I continued smiling as she continued humming.

I said “lollipop lollipop?”

She said yes.  And kept humming.

And of course I can’t resist.  And I’ll be singing it all night.  And be grateful for the people who carry tunes in their hearts.  In their heads.  But let them hummmm their way out to the gratitude of others.

Shopping philosophy remix:  go, get, leave with a hum and a song.




There is something promising about humanity when working people hum and get their job done.


27 thoughts on “The Song In A Young Girl’s Heart

  1. yahhh….humming and singing and making others around you feel good. I used to have a cubie mate who used to whistle ‘Whistle While You Work’ … it was so dorky that it make me smile.

    (ok…it was me who used to do that dammit lol. Shhhh….don’t let anyone else know.)


  2. My mom hums all of the time! I guess I tune it out now because I’ve heard it so much. When I was a teenager and had friends over to the house they would say, “Where is that music coming from?” I would have to stop and listen for awhile until I realized that they were talking about my mom. The other day my mom said some lady came up to her at the store and told her she liked that song she was humming. She didn’t even realize she had been humming so loud! When I started reading your post my heart skipped a beat because I thought it was going to be that you ran into my mom at the store!!!


    • Wouldn’t that have been funny! Though I think this girl was young enough to be your sister, not your mom. 🙂

      And I love a person who sings, hums, whistles…. It’s a great sound. And a great feeling.


  3. Ha! Oh my gosh, you’ve infected the world with this one, Colleen! 🙂 Especially with that video!! Love the guy doing the pop – what a role 🙂 🙂


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