Hercules Stumbles

The greatest and the strongest take falls.  All of the time.  Superman can be made immobile with the presence of a rock.  Hercules can stumble.  Sampson could cry.  Muhammad Ali could be knocked down.

My weakness?  What gets me and beats me down?

Invisible blows.

Unseen punches.

They never fully knock me out.  They never fully expose themselves in a fighting manner.

They are snuck in.  Time. And time.  And time again.  Not knowing when they are coming is as damaging as the punches themselves.  Being weary and leery of the next unknown move.   Waiting it out.   Calming down and settling-believing it to be done.  And fooled by complacency that I made it through.  To be caught unawares one more time from an invisible punch.

As strong or powerful as anyone is…

When the punches come in and there’s no way to duck.  Or defend.  Or counter attack.  Or just not be there….

The blows take their toll.

Hercules stumbles.

And so do I.

Maybe I need to go back to being Superman.

Wait….there’s still that problem with cryptonite.