32 thoughts on “Byke Ride

  1. Did to have “pedal to the metal”, Chatter Master?! I hope you were elated during and after the ride… AND… I am glad Ms. Stoo Pidity took a back seat this time and was not shooting pictures and biking at the same time. 🙂


  2. I think it’s spelled right .. only that we read the “I” as “Y” – depending on the font they have been using. I can be either right or wrong here *smile


    • Funny thing Viveka, when I was riding my bike over it it looked like a Y. It wasn’t until I got back and looked at the picture on the blog that I thought it might be one of those font odd “i” But since I thought it was a “Y” initially that’s what I stuck with. 😉


          • Sorry it took me so long to respond….I have been sick all week. Lost 5 pounds- I’m feeling better though. Anyhow, we have a friend who was clipped into her bike and went to stop, forgot she was clipped in, fell and broke her ankle. I guess it takes some getting used to?


            • 5 pounds???? Silver linings I suppose. 😉 I’m glad you are feeling better.

              The first time I used the clipless I fell as well. Fortunately I was next to a bank and kind of fell in to a lean against the bank (dirt wall not money holder). Yes, they take time getting used to. I hope your friend is okay.


              • She had to have surgery. It has been more than a year since her accident. That must be scary to not be able to take your feet off the clips. There must be a technique, huh?


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