28 thoughts on “Take Away A Kindness

  1. Each day we choose to be kind or not, one kindness can touch a life in a way we may never know. Take away a kindness and take away the chance to touch someone in the smallest of ways.


  2. How many great things have you achieved without an act of kindness by somebody at some point?

    Take away an act of kindness and you are taking away a link in the chain of humanity. You have lost an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’.


    • I agree. And though we never know the impact of our small acts on others. We know the impact of other’s acts towards us. Last night on the way home from work I was in a bit of a funk. Suddenly something caught my eye. The car in front of me was waving at me like crazy. I waved back not sure who it was, until I realized it was a friend from work. She could have ignored that I wasn’t paying attention…but didn’t. And it lifted my spirits tremendously.

      Our lives are run on fuel. The more kindness in mine, the more positive energy I live on, and share, and produce. Thanks Steven.


  3. Kindness is the best thing beside love and smiles that we can give to each other and to the world. Maybe kindness and smiles goes hand in hand. Without kindness – must be those people with lot anger inside them.


    • Exactly. And let’s not forget the ripple effect. We may not know what our kind acts do, in full. But in reverse, we don’t know what we have lost or taken away by not doing a simple kind act.. Thank you!


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