When I Go…

When I go to work I want to do a good job.   I want to be thorough.  Disciplined and helpful to those who I’m supposed to be helping.

When it’s time to go home, I want to go home.

When I go home I want to love my space, love my place, and do what I can to make our home a happy home.

When it’s time to go out, I want to go out.

When I go out I want to see things I haven’t seen, experience things I haven’t done, and be places I’ve never been.

When it’s time to relax, I want to relax.

I want to know when to slow down, breathe easy, laugh or contemplate, absorb the moments of peace.

When it’s time to go on a bike ride, I want to ride!

I want to be amazed by the depth of the dark blue sky, or be aware of the smells – even if it is the stinky weed smell that reminds me of Fritos.

When it’s time to give, I want to give joyfully.

I want to give of myself and my abilities to help, aide or comfort, give laughs or tears, and make a difference.

When it’s time to go, I want to go.

When I go, I want to do so having spent every second of every day when I  had it to go to.