A Method To My Mad (Not Madness-Just Mad)

I watched from inside as a young step daughter backed the tractor and trailer into the new car.  I literally shrugged my shoulders.  There was nothing I could to about it.   Why get mad?

I walked in to my bathroom to find my children had mutinied against using their own bathroom and pirated mine.   Leaving towels, clothes and a general mess.  I got mad.  Because they could have just picked up their mess and I would never have known.

I came home from work to see where the new puppy had destroyed the woodwork in the room he had stayed in during the day.  I didn’t pay it any attention.  There was nothing I could do about it.

I came in to the kitchen to find trash piling over the top of the trash can and scattered about the floor (on numerous occasions while raising children and husband).  I got mad.  Because all someone had to do was bag up the trash.  And put a new bag in.

We busied about the kitchen getting ready for dinner and one of them dropped a glass.  It shattered.  She looked horrified as she glanced at me.  I shrugged.  We cleaned it up.  No worries.  It’s just a glass.  Or the plate.  Or the bowl.  These things happen.

As often as not, the kids would fight.  And yell.  And carry on.  And I would jump in the melee and get mad too.  Well, until that one day when I was in the car and they were on the deck and I was waiting for them and they decided to start fighting and I just sat there and waited them out.  I was too tired to get mad that day.   I think it only stopped because they each thought they would get a good slap or kick in and I would stop it.  And I didn’t.  But normally, them getting mad, got me mad.  Because they didn’t have to get mad.  It’s what they decided to do….



The point of this was that there were things I didn’t bother getting mad about because I couldn’t do anything about what had already happened.  But when I did get mad it was because  others did have the opportunity to do things to change the outcome (me getting mad).

Perhaps this has backfired on me.

I suppose if they could have changed or controlled what they did….maybe I could as well.


And here I thought I was  making perfect logic about my self righteousness.

I hate it when I out maneuver myself.