Yes, I Was Going To Waste It

So, Tetraplegic Bhoy….

You and I both needed to get out today.   I’m pretty sure if you had not prompted me I would have sat home feeling sorry for myself because I had a headache.  The lawn mower wouldn’t start.  The grass is going to stay uncut.  The house is quiet.   I’m getting moody so I just decided to sit down on the couch and stay on the internet.

Yes it is sunny.

Yes it is breezy.

Yes it is a good day to be.  A good day to do.  A good day to have.

Yes, I was going to waste the rest of it.

But instead I will go with you and we’ll go see what we can find.  Nothing extreme or crazy today.  But I’ll take you around and you can see a little bit of my world.   Because you haven’t seen it yet.

You ready?

Me and You

Me and You

No.   Those are not duck lips.  That is the camera.  Pretty creative huh?  You didn’t even see me take the picture.  But it’s us.  Right before we left.    And we aren’t getting all fancy today either.

One Speed Is All We Need Today

One Speed Is All We Need Today

It’s all we need.  No messing with the gears.   Just us and our wheels.

I was going to stick to the bike path but you inspired me to go a little different route today.  Not that anything I saw was out of my ordinary.   But showing it to you, who has not seen it, made it feel kind of new.

Look Way Up There

Look Way Up There

I went towards the fair grounds.  This isn’t the best view of the day.  But can you see them?  Way up there at the top.  They’re probably looking at us.  I was so caught up in showing you this I didn’t even wave to see if anyone saw us.  I hope they didn’t think we were rude.

The Old Horse Stalls

The Old Horse Stalls

Where are all of the horses?  The race track was empty.  The stalls were empty.  And so are the old and sad when they are empty grand stands.

Grand Stands aren't so grand when they're empty.

Grand Stands aren’t so grand when they’re empty.

Well let’s just head out this end of the fairground and go check out the base of the mountain.

Not mine or yours.

Not mine or yours.

I think it only makes sense if we stay where our wheels can go.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like leaving my wheels unattended.  They take me far.  And I want to protect them.

At The Edge Of The Woods

At The Edge Of The Woods

Though we don’t want to leave our wheels.  Our wheels take us far enough to the edge.  And far enough around that I don’t feel left out.

If we hadn’t of been on our wheels I wouldn’t have paused enough to just enjoy looking at this.   I’m starting to appreciate you inspiring me to get out.

Tumbling Trees

Tumbling Trees

Let’s cut back through the fair grounds.

Found The Horses

Found The Horses

Ah!  There they are.  Who doesn’t admire a horse?

We cut through town to get to part of the bike trail.   I have to admit, if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have stopped to ask them for a picture.  But I told them about our bike ride and they were very gracious.  Did you hear the one guy say, as we pedaled away  “be safe honey”.   Not demeaning at all, very concerned for safety.

Incredibly Nice

Incredibly Nice

I’m sorry but you know how we all sometimes judge appearances.  I’m glad I didn’t.  Judge them I mean.   After seeing all kinds of picnic-ers at the park and folks around the horse riding these are the folks I felt most comfortable approaching and asking for a picture.  You are a good influence Steven.

Circus Tent Flower

Circus Tent Flower

Sorry, but it truly reminds me of a circus tent. And it stuck out beautifully amidst the grey of the sidewalk world.

Let's Go This Way

Let’s Go This Way

It’s probably best to follow the directions.  On the other side of that bank at the end of the curve is muck and creek.  Fun times for another day.

Or not.

Every Where I Went

Every Where I Went

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with you.   Every where I went you went too.   Not to brag or anything…but most people who have not been on a bike for some time don’t usually stay with me this long.   And look, you’re there, like my shadow.

Dinner On The Bike

Dinner On The Bike

I never worry about eating fancy when I’m on the bike.  I hope you didn’t mind going here.  Nothing extravagant  but it was good.  Especially the oatmeal raisin cookies I should not have had.  You could have at least eaten one of them.

Nothing too exciting about the ride.  I hope that was alright.  Just a little bit about town riding.

I hope you weren’t too bored.

Spontaneous.  Nice time to spend with a friend.  It’s so easy to chat when we’re just rolling along.

Thanks for going with me.  Thanks for grabbing me by the shoulders, giving me a bit of a shake, and telling me to stop wasting my days.  My hours.  My minutes.  My moments.

I think I get it Steven.

If I need a moment in my life then sometimes I need to remember my graces.  I need to do what ever it is I want to do.  And not put it off.   If it’s time for living…then I should be.

Thank you for going with me.

I wouldn’t have gone without you.

26 thoughts on “Yes, I Was Going To Waste It

  1. Love your ‘duck lips’ Colleen – I didn’t notice until you pointed it out! How unobservant of me…

    Love the tumbling trees too, & your comment it makes sense only to go where your wheels will carry you. And the video snapshot at the end.

    A wonderful post, Colleen 🙂 As for Tetraplegic Bhoy, I have only just recently discovered Steven too, and he’s amazing. I just don’t know how I would turn out after such experiences as Steven’s, but how he is so out there, I love.

    Loved this.


    • Thanks Noeleen! 🙂 Well now I wished I hadn’t pointed out the duck lips. 😉

      Steven is amazing. I’m so grateful for his attitude and his giving me a good shaking yesterday.

      Glad you liked the video. I liked the sounds of it. 🙂


  2. I’m sorry Colleen, I fell asleep as soon as we got back. You tired me out but now I can look back at the photos.

    You are sneaky, I don’t like having my photograph taken but you did get that one without me looking, at least you got my good side!

    That was very cruel of you to have locked me up in the stalls and force-feed me hay, all part of the experience I suppose.

    I NEVER leave my wheels unattended. If someone wants to steal them then they have to steal me too!

    I was glad that the horses made an appearance. My chair can pick up to a decent speed, you should have let me enter the race and we could have split the winnings 🙂

    I like our three new friends, my kind of people! As a crowd we attracted some amount of attention, hope you didn’t feel uncomfortable. I thought at first he was talking to you but it was very nice of him to call me “honey”.

    I loved my subway (thanks again for paying, very good of you). No way I could have taken a cookie after finishing that meatball marinara, I’m watching my figure 🙂

    Thank You. Thank you for taking good care of me and for showing me your neck of the woods, now I can go there when I need to escape my head.
    You have been a great tour guide and more importantly, a great friend.



    • Oh Steven, you are SO welcome! I’m glad you had a good time.

      Haha! I was NOT going to share with the blogging world the stall and hay incident. Some may not have seen the humor in it. But it was pretty funny. 😉

      Watching your figure???? Then what happened to the vegies I was arguing with you would be better than the meatball……not to mention the extra cheese you had….

      And you cannot own the “honey”! That’s not fair. I am certain he was referencing me.

      I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to steal your wheels, with you in it, because then I would not have had such a great time. It was only so wonderful because it was shared with you.

      I just want to thank YOU again for giving me a swift kick in the … tire, to get out and go be with the day. And with you.

      We will do this again. Yes? Yes? 🙂 Of course.

      Thank YOU my friend…..for making sure I didn’t waste what I won’t have again. That time I can’t get back, because it’s now yesterday. But now, it’s yesterday well spent.



      • As I said somebody on my post, don’t put things off because the only guarantee we have is today.
        You made me smile (very difficult at the moment) and I genuinely felt like I was out of bed and somewhere new.

        Mission accomplished, until the next time…..


  3. This was so great!! I’m glad Steven gave you a kick in the butt. We can all use that from time to time. I followed him and will be checking out his blog when I get a chance to get some motivation as well!!


  4. Thank you Colleen for showing us around with all the beauties that a good heart can see. Thank you too for introducing us to Tetraplegic Bhoy — I admire his honesty.

    Huggggs to both of you 🙂


      • I am still stuck in bed but you have no idea how much better I feel. Not physically but I am more relaxed, less snappy, less irritable and I’m finding myself with this strange smile on my face.

        Thank you Bended and a massive thank you again to you Colleen. It may all be down to you, it may not but you’re getting the credit anyway.


        • Well let’s see….take credit for someone feeling better, smiling and being less snappy? I’ll take it! I’m glad you’re feeling better Steven. Remember, next idea is up to you. I can’t wait to see what your creative genius comes up with!


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