You Are Better Than Me

I told you today that you are better than me.

Maybe it’s supposed to be “you are better than I am”.

Which ever is grammatically  correct – it is a truth statement.

I don’t mind that you are better than me.  Or better than I am.

I only mind that I’m not as good as you.  For you.

Because you deserve to have someone be as good to you as you are to me.

I believe that with the ones we love our actions are just as important as our words.

What we do or don’t do and what we say and don’t say works in tandem.

I wish mine worked better.

Your words and actions are always in perfect sync.

Thank you for being better than me.

Or…better than I am.

37 thoughts on “You Are Better Than Me

  1. I wonder, how often what you describe is a perception, the mirror in which we can see the spark of ourselves and we perk and we thrive, instead of a better than. (or an, I’m not good enough to do it for others in a way that they can point it out to me, way)


    • I actually wrote this after sending a text to my Husband telling him “you are better than me”. And he is, in so many ways. And yes, I do believe that from my perception when I see a reflection of my actions and / or words. Kind of made me ….sad. That perception.


      • Thank you for writing that down and for letting me see a bit of you. I’ll think about that ‘sad’ with you. Sometimes, I’ve had to learn to say, “Thank you for keeping me company while I am a work in progress. I’ll never be done progressing and yet, I hope that I communicate how I wonder that I can be me, good and not perfect, and you are still alongside of me.” I don’t know if that applies to you or to this, but that how I identify with your reply.

        Parting thought, maybe different than the rest, it amazes me and can shock me the way that humans can keep score and measure tallies. Sometimes I get lucky and a huge bolt of lightning shorts out the giant scoreboard in my head.


        • I like how you said that. I truly am a work in progress. And fortunate enough to have someone who is still along side of me.

          I don’t really keep scores and tallies. It’s just something I recognize about my self that makes me want to continue in that progression….that work of progress. Even if I mastered this about myself. I would continue to look at things about ‘me’ that I want to work on. I don’t ever want to be “done”. 🙂

          Elisa I am really enjoying this exchange. It does keep me aware of what I am thinking. And how I need to keep that progress going in the right direction. And for the right reasons. No score keeping, just that forward motion.


  2. I think though that’s how it should be between spouses. He’s better at things than I am and vice versa. Ditto for our mistakes. Monday he backed up the car and ran off the road, scratching the crap out of his brand new Honda (rear tire guard only thankfully). Today I put my card backwards into my camera and probably ruined a 32G card. It seems to work still, but I don’t want to trust it.



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