Sorry About That Walmart

I admit I waivered.

I was walking through Walmart to get something I knew I should not be getting.  I had filled up my hand carried basket with spinach and mint and ginger, oranges and hummus.  What else was it I wanted????  Tap tap tap the finger on the chin.

Ice cream.

I had to walk to the furthest end of the grocery part to get to it.  Good thinking Walmart.  Put the healthy stuff near the door and the junk furthest away.  I went.  I got.  I felt guilty.

On the way back to the front of the store two young men were coming at me.  I swung right.  So we didn’t have that awkward body turning towards one another where you pass chest to chest  because there are three of us in a two person wide foot path.  I forgot about the newly acquired suitcase on my hip.  Some refer to them as phone holders or holsters.  Mine is large enough for keys and money and if the child is too tired to walk, I could put one in there.  I felt something a fraction of a second before I heard the glass shattering.


I looked down and saw at my feet a Febreeze candle.  Shattered.

They looked down.  Glass was every where.

I started sliding my shoe over it to pull in the big pieces so no one stepped on it.  The young men were very kind and went to look for a staff person with a broom.   They came back about 8 minutes later.  Unable to find any staff.  They said they would keep looking.

I kept standing.   I didn’t want to just leave glass shattered.  All I could envision is some little kid skipping along and tripping in to glass.  Plus, I thought I should pay for it.

The entire time of waiting for a staff person was about 23 minutes.

I started out strong.   Wait until they get there, retrieve the candle wrapper with the bar code (remember price tags?) and take it with me once I was sure the glass was no longer on the floor.  I would pay for the candle because I did knock it off.

After the first ten minutes I waivered.  Push all of the glass to the underside of the display.  Take the paper thing yourself.  No.  Still saw some little kid kneeling there to tie his shoe and getting glass in his knee.

After fifteen minutes I waivered a little more.  Come on Walmart I just need a broom and dust pan!  I was close enough to the aisle to get one quickly.   I have to admit I thought about leaving.  No. No. No.  This was my fault.

When the fella arrived wondering around where the broken glass was.  I said very loudly “are you looking for the broken glass?”   He did have a broom and dust pan.  He dropped his head in a half nod.  He came over. I asked half heartedly if I could take the part with the bar code to pay for it.  He said “no”.   I said “I’m the one who broke it.”  He said “no”.

I felt quite awkward.

But walked away.

Feeling kind of guilty.

Then feeling kind of miffed because my ice cream got so soft while waiting.

I wanted to say I’m sorry for breaking your candle.   So…I’m sorry.

But now I feel like maybe I saved you from a law suit.

You’re welcome.