39 thoughts on “People Inked

    • It would not be nice to call you stupid so I shan’t.

      And yes, I did do these. 🙂 Many of them represent many different people. Some represent very specific people. Some represent moments.


  1. Im going to assume that all these drawings are of me, because I am the most fascinating person in your life. So yea…it makes me love it all the more! I need to get this and frame it for my wall!


    • I did Viveka! I am loving this little way of sketching my life. I can’t “draw” but this seems to be fulfilling my wish to do so. I am having fun trying to create people or memories or ideas with a simple creation. No real detail. I hope you DID find yourself. You are in there. I was hoping everyone would look. Many of the ‘people’ are actually many different people. I did not do pots and pans did I! Maybe on the next one. But more likely…. a walking lovely person with a camera. 🙂


      • *smile … I hope it isn’t me on the knees in front of a grave stone. That was my first thought, because that is never going to be me .. even if I have full respect for that too.
        I really looked for me … but there was some happy looking figures that could be me.


        • Some of these are actually very specific moments for me. The one at the gravestone is very specific to a moment in my life. After my father died.

          I am SO glad you found some. If you related to them, then they ARE you. That was the point. I hope people see themselves in my memories and thoughts and communications. 🙂


  2. Blahahahahaha!!! You can’t draw green smoothies!!! 🙂 But I did see you “stunk up” the drawing… Ha! And the TKD one was cute…and the should-be kayaking…and the big old tree!


  3. I found myself! I’m little confused person, the stargazing person, reading (both under the tree, and in the middle of the floor), kayaking, and playing ultimate frisbee!


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