There Is A Difference

There is a difference between not approving and hating.  You don’t have to approve.   But you don’t have to hate.

There is a difference between not understanding and discriminating.  You don’t have to understand.  But you shouldn’t discriminate.

There is a difference between being uncomfortable and telling others how to live.  You can be uncomfortable without telling others how to live.

There is a difference between disagreeing and non-acceptance.  You can disagree without refusing to accept another person’s equal rights.

There is a difference between tolerance and acceptance.   You can tolerate without accepting something as your value.

None of us has to approve, understand, be comfortable with or agree with one another’s life styles.

None of us should hate, discriminate, tell others how to live or refuse to accept that others have rights because they are different.

None of us has to agree to be able to tolerate.

Life style choice is not criminal.

Love is not criminal.

For everyone who believes that each of us is entitled to the same rights….

Regardless of what you agree with or are comfortable with…


41 thoughts on “There Is A Difference

  1. One of the greatest rights we have in this country is the right to disagree with our government. Why do so many citizens not think this applies to individual opinions. Why do I have to be wrong just so you can have the “right” opinion?


  2. After the day I had today I have to say I am in a pretty angry/hateful mood.

    As for what your post actually touches upon I completely agree. It is also how I try to gear Words From The Heretic.


  3. Colleen, this is but another example of why I so enjoy your work. Thank you for the insight, the truth, and the passion from you simple statements of fact. Take care — Bill


  4. Another post of life’s truth …. we don’t have to hate, we don’t have to like everyone … and hate make our own life miserable and heavy … life it too short for hate. We don’t have to tolerance everybody neither, but we have to respect them .. for what they are … with wrong and rights. Hate eats us up .. from the inside .. we becomes bitter.


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