For The Love Of Your Country

What would you do for the love of your country?

We think big things when we think about how we can love our country and do for our country.  We speak big politics.  We speak long about our vote.  We speak loud about our opinions on how everyone else is doing the country wrong/bad/ugly/to ruin.  We complain about taxes and are disgusted with the way things are going.  We speak big, loud, with disgust, disdain and complaint.


For the love of our country what are we doing?

Do we do the things we can do.

Do we work to pay our bills, feed our families, and take care of our needs.

If we need help do we use it to get through crisis and move ahead or do we depend on it for our every and long term need?

Does everyone who complains about what the government isn’t doing – do everything they can to not depend on the government?

Do we appreciate the education we get?

Do we support our children by providing them the tools they need to be successful with homework and school, family life and social life.   Giving them  life’s building blocks to become hardworking and independent citizens?

Do we model to our children by going to work and living within our means?

Do we support our neighbor in time of need or crisis?

Do we do what’s right for our employer, family and friend,  even when no one is watching?

Do we expect things from our government that no one would have dreamed of asking of the government twenty years ago, fifty years ago, 237 years ago?

What would you do for your country?  Would you fight for her?  Defend her against harm and outside threats?

What would you do for your country?  Would you fight for her from within?

Being the best you can possibly be for your country?  Would you work hard and diligently to be good for your country?

Do we go about our day complaining about the problems without being a part of any solution to any problems?

What is it we all do for our country?

I have great admiration for the generations of men and women who loved this country.   Those who loved this country well enough to get up every day and work hard.  Work hard to provide for themselves and their family.   And continue to work hard for their communities when their work day ended.  I admire the men and women who have volunteered to build, teach, protect, coach, preach, cook, comfort and aide those in need in their communities.   To every man and woman who came together to put up one room school houses.  Raise a barn.  Read to the blind.  Wrap bandages and collect tin for the war effort.  Plant a victory garden.  Cut the neighbors grass.   I admire the men and women who stepped forward to do instead of calling someone else to do it.

I think there is more that is done for our country when we do for ourselves and do for our neighbors and communities than what we give ourselves credit for.   And I think the more that we do for ourselves and stop expecting our country to do for us is showing our country how much we do love her.

I can’t do everything.   But what I do for myself is something I don’t need to ask my country for.   Anything I do for another is something that helps make this country stronger.  Everything we do, is one less thing that needs done.

I think loving our country is an action not a word.