For The Love Of Your Country

What would you do for the love of your country?

We think big things when we think about how we can love our country and do for our country.  We speak big politics.  We speak long about our vote.  We speak loud about our opinions on how everyone else is doing the country wrong/bad/ugly/to ruin.  We complain about taxes and are disgusted with the way things are going.  We speak big, loud, with disgust, disdain and complaint.


For the love of our country what are we doing?

Do we do the things we can do.

Do we work to pay our bills, feed our families, and take care of our needs.

If we need help do we use it to get through crisis and move ahead or do we depend on it for our every and long term need?

Does everyone who complains about what the government isn’t doing – do everything they can to not depend on the government?

Do we appreciate the education we get?

Do we support our children by providing them the tools they need to be successful with homework and school, family life and social life.   Giving them  life’s building blocks to become hardworking and independent citizens?

Do we model to our children by going to work and living within our means?

Do we support our neighbor in time of need or crisis?

Do we do what’s right for our employer, family and friend,  even when no one is watching?

Do we expect things from our government that no one would have dreamed of asking of the government twenty years ago, fifty years ago, 237 years ago?

What would you do for your country?  Would you fight for her?  Defend her against harm and outside threats?

What would you do for your country?  Would you fight for her from within?

Being the best you can possibly be for your country?  Would you work hard and diligently to be good for your country?

Do we go about our day complaining about the problems without being a part of any solution to any problems?

What is it we all do for our country?

I have great admiration for the generations of men and women who loved this country.   Those who loved this country well enough to get up every day and work hard.  Work hard to provide for themselves and their family.   And continue to work hard for their communities when their work day ended.  I admire the men and women who have volunteered to build, teach, protect, coach, preach, cook, comfort and aide those in need in their communities.   To every man and woman who came together to put up one room school houses.  Raise a barn.  Read to the blind.  Wrap bandages and collect tin for the war effort.  Plant a victory garden.  Cut the neighbors grass.   I admire the men and women who stepped forward to do instead of calling someone else to do it.

I think there is more that is done for our country when we do for ourselves and do for our neighbors and communities than what we give ourselves credit for.   And I think the more that we do for ourselves and stop expecting our country to do for us is showing our country how much we do love her.

I can’t do everything.   But what I do for myself is something I don’t need to ask my country for.   Anything I do for another is something that helps make this country stronger.  Everything we do, is one less thing that needs done.

I think loving our country is an action not a word.

18 thoughts on “For The Love Of Your Country

  1. I am in a unique position of relying on government for disability benefits. That is my only income since work is impossible.

    I admit that all my years of working I grudged the money deducted from my wages for tax. I couldn’t see where it was going other than funding unnecessary military action.

    Now I can admit to being wrong. Without our generous disability allowances I don’t know how I would get by. I owe my country and those who pay their taxes thanks for every meal that I eat.

    After all those years of complaining I now wish I could do more for others.


    • Steven, I think your point is uniquely made. How often have any of us groused about paying taxes or wondering what the government was up to (sometimes valid wonderings) or disagreed with the government.

      I think it is right to have these benefits. And given the opportunity, I am certain you would gladly be in the position to work, pay taxes and wonder where all that money is going.

      Even given your circumstances you are “doing”. You have worked hard at over coming the depression that stepped in. You have value to those in your life because of who you are what you ‘do’. You think for yourself, and you do give back.

      I don’t think there is an ‘across the board’ level or standard that we all must achieve. I think we should all do what we can. And sometimes, every single one of us, in one way or another need help. But again, we need to do what we can do.

      What you do, is of value. I appreciate your always speaking the truth and giving feedback. You and I may not always agree. And it seems that part of your role now is to make us think. And appreciate.

      Like now, I appreciate your position and the points you make. I think you have the ability to teach us more about ourselves.

      If this got to flattery….sorry mate! 😉 but it’s truth.


      • Steven – your situation is how I expect my taxes to be used. Where I get irritated is friends and family members who are multi-generational on welfare and food stamps, who tell me how they just can’t stand going into a job! Or can’t leave their child with a babysitter! Well, they can suck it up. I’d rather not go into work every day either and I resented the hell out of leaving my child. But someone had to put food on the table and that was me.

        There is true need in our society for a safety net, but I’ve personally seen too many who are gaming the system and not taking responsibility for their lives.



  2. So you’ve done it once again, Chatter Master… Day after day, you provide us with food for thought… Good and bad… I will stop short of climbing atop my soap box… but this one phrase from your wonderful writing above sums it up pretty good:

    “But what I do for myself is something I don’t need to ask my country for.”


    • Thanks Koji. This thought actually comes from many different influences, and I can’t help but think that we as a nation would be that much stronger if we all did what we are capable of. Grant it, there are varying degrees of our capabilities and vast differences in our skills. But if I don’t do what I can, then someone else has to do what they can, plus mine. I need to do what I can.


  3. I think when we do for ourselves, it makes each of us stronger … individually, and as a whole.

    To not have to depend on others, whether the government, your parents, or the kindness of strangers is a good thing.

    However, when needed, part of our strength should also entail recognizing that we may need the help … from the government, from friends, from the kindness of strangers.

    And part of our humanity should also allow us to understand that there are those who do depend on others, even if we do not.

    Governments, especially the US government is often criticized. Fairly at times. Unfairly at other times. From my perspective, this country that has adopted me … it is beyond GRAND. Given the sheer size, both in population and land area, that things DO run … and run at the efficiency it does…that people inherently trust the police … that there can be disagreement on politics and no blood is spilt … this to me is what many in the world look up to.

    So … do for ourselves … but there is comfort knowing that should we need assistance, there are those to step up to help.

    *and….steps off my tiny soapbox* …


    • I agree Katie. That’s my whole thought. At any given time our abilities may increase or wan. When we can do “what” we can do, we do it. If at any given time what we “need” to do is accept help, then by all means we should accept help. And by all means when we are the ones who can give help, we need to give help. That is the beauty of a good and strong community…country. Every one does have different levels of ability, different skills, different needs. We all need help in some form at some point. And help should be there.

      Your “tiny soapbox” is being applauded.


    • Why are you feeling guilty? I think you are fabulous. 🙂 You grew up in a country where you could choose to be what you want to be. You and Sara are both giving, generous and helpful people. Thank you America for being part of you! 🙂 Hugs from up north, way up north, and a little east. 🙂 Where your red/white and blue tomorrow! And send us a picture!


  4. I had to laugh at your comment that this sounded like JFK! It did and this country needs to be reminded of his famous statement on that, instead of expecting the government to be giving them more and more. Grrrr. . . makes me mad. Like me working to support myself and my family has nothing to do with actually having a steady income and health insurance.

    Sorry to pontificate, but I did like the topic. It’s a good reminder for our liberal media.



    • No need to be sorry. Sharing our opinions is what we do. It is difficult to see good programs and good people taken advantage of.

      One thing someone told me when I was young. Many people may try to get out of working. But working, it gives you a freedom. Yes, you may spend 40, 50…more, hours a week working, but it gives you a freedom to do.

      If you are willing to work (and by work I mean this in many forms) you are able to strive for anything you want.

      You’re sixteen and want a car? Go get a job at a fast food place, a local garden store. You have the freedom to work. To save.

      You want to write a book? Write diligently with discipline. Write after school. Before work. When you can’t sleep.

      You want to play the piano? Practice. Practice. Practice.

      There is much reward and freedoms in many different forms of work. Sadly, I think some miss out on that.


  5. Colleen, so well thought out, so well said. The last para sumed it up well for me, and one that many should heed. Yes we are a country of action, but our words jump start us into action. Sometimes our actions jumpstart our words. Either way our country gets it done. Thank you — Take care, Bill


    • Thank YOU Bill. I truly get tired of hearing much complaint about what is wrong and so little focus on what is right. It’s nice to toss out there the pluses of this country and it’s people. And how ‘we’ can all make it better.


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