Law Of Economics

We get in the car.

Husband drives.   He turns on the air conditioner.  As he should when it’s 90 degrees out.   I proceed to roll down my window.  Husband reaches down and turns off the air conditioner.

I turn to look at him.  For the five hundredth time in the last few summers.

“Husband, there is no law written any where that says  you have to keep the windows up in a car when the air conditioner is on.  No where.  You can have the air conditioner on and have the windows down.  I promise.”

He looks at me with those pained eyes that only other husbands understand and said “it’s the law of economics.”

Some laws are meant to be broken.

I reach out to the air conditioner and turn it back on.

Husband follows with the pained sigh that only other husbands understand.