Law Of Economics

We get in the car.

Husband drives.   He turns on the air conditioner.  As he should when it’s 90 degrees out.   I proceed to roll down my window.  Husband reaches down and turns off the air conditioner.

I turn to look at him.  For the five hundredth time in the last few summers.

“Husband, there is no law written any where that says  you have to keep the windows up in a car when the air conditioner is on.  No where.  You can have the air conditioner on and have the windows down.  I promise.”

He looks at me with those pained eyes that only other husbands understand and said “it’s the law of economics.”

Some laws are meant to be broken.

I reach out to the air conditioner and turn it back on.

Husband follows with the pained sigh that only other husbands understand.

74 thoughts on “Law Of Economics

  1. Oh Colleen!!! How could you. I am totally with your husband on this. Gosh today’s cars are designed to be driven with the windows up and the AC on. The car actually gets better gas mileage, travelling with the windows up and the AC on, compared to a vehicle driving the same speed with the windows down. But who am I to talk, my wife gets in my car, and immediately turns the radio to a station she likes, and glares at me should I attempt to turn it back. Oh Well! Take care, have a great day. — Bill


    • Okay Bill, I understand the whole economy of this. BUT. I work in a building all day long with windows closed. Reprocessed air. Not fresh. Not necessarily cool. When I get in the car I want air. But I don’t want to be stifling hot either. There is a compromise. Air on. Window down. WIfe happy. Wife happy=husband happy. Everyone is happy! 🙂

      Not to be taking sides….and please don’t tell your wife. In our car, driver’s choice for radio. I have to give you that one. 🙂


    • HA! 🙂 Oh boy. I don’t know that I can plead my way of thinking. If I don’t understand it how am I supposed to plead it? I don’t want to be hot. But I don’t want to be locked in something without fresh air. So….AC on. Windows down. Not always mind you. Just sometimes. 😉


  2. We are having beautiful weather at the moment and my husband travels over an hour to work. He arrived home in a heap he was so warm the last day and I asked him did he put the air conditioning on? No he put the windows down and said that was good enough. In reality he was thinking “economics” believing the car used less gas without it. I told him I would give him the euro the next day! This is a “disagreement” we have regularly.


  3. uhm what good does it do to have the ac on, if you are letting in nasty gross humid hot and stinky air? doesn’t that make it even worse on gas?!?!

    I require more information,…whyyyyyyyyyyy are we opening the window in the freezer section type car that is perfect again?


  4. Oddly, the car is no less cooler.

    And one thing I forgot to mention….I like my arm to be outside. To wave. To feel the air. To put my hand out so it’s like surfing the air.

    🙂 Does that make it any better?


  5. Actually … I went online just now and did some research. I was reading something from Toyota and it said if you roll the windows down AND turn the air conditioner on, you might use more fuel … but it helps to increase your engine life. And … you have to roll the windows down every once in a while so the electronic switch does not freeze … and it helps if you do it when the air conditioner is on because it shrinks the metal plates holding some parts and allows smoother window operations.

    (*smirkles….and wonders if your other half and anyone else reading my pack of lies will at believe even for a second my made up research?*)


  6. I can not take having the windows up when we are in the car on a nice day even when it is 90 degrees out. After these long winters I’ll take the heat…any kind of heat. On our recent trip it was such a problem between my husband and I! He wanted the A/C blasting and I wanted the windows down. We had to compromise and switch between our preferences the whole ride. We were like little kids yelling, “My turn, My turn!”


    • Arggghhhh! That’s my point. I think you can have BOTH at the same time. He can keep his window up and the air on, and you can have your window down. There is NO law saying you can’t!!!! Tell him that! 🙂


  7. This is quite a funny debate! I’m somewhere in the middle, I guess. I don’t really want to drive with the windows down, but at the same time, I’m agreeing with you that there is little, if any, real consequence in mileage or anything else! So I hope you can go for it! 🙂


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