Who Should Be Sorry

Some things you cannot remove from your retinas.  Your memory.  They are imprinted forever.   Sadly.

I walked up to the row of port-o-lets.   And let’s be honest….no one likes port-o-lets.

Two of the doors showed the red “locked” sign.

One was green for ‘available’.

I open the door.

Man is not quite sitting as he is wiping his butt.

He says “oh I’m sorry” as I jump back and the door slams.

I probably should have said ‘I’m sorry’ but I didn’t want to stand there with the door open and have a discussion on who should be sorry.

But I was sorry.  I was very sorry.  I am still very sorry.


52 thoughts on “Who Should Be Sorry

  1. Colleen, Over the past few weeks you have painted so many very lovely pictures with your words, pictures that I will cherish. I guess it’s good to know you can paint a picture with your words that is a horror story. That’s a picture I didn’t need. LMBO ! ! ! Please take care, Bill


  2. I’ve come to understand and see however we perceive something is going to effect our perception, our thoughts and sight. What you witnessed, everyone has to do and is part of being in this physical body. The man apologized. The man didn’t lock the door. Was this by accident (I believe there are no accidents)? If you had opened the door to a child doing the same thing would you perceive the action differently (burning your retina’s)? Innocence is taken from us. You didn’t do anything wrong. You opened up a door that stated available. The man didn’t do anything wrong. He forgot to lock the door and who knows why. We can learn from all our encounters and I’m grateful I’ve finally understand this is part of what life is about. 🙂 You can free yourself!


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