Pride Drop

There’s no shame.

But it did hurt my pride.

A lot.

Pride Stop 001

There is no truth in ‘pride goeth before a fall’ on this day.

Because I stopped.  Hung my head when I put my foot down, and let my pride fall.

Before I fell over.

Wise decision.

But.  It.   Hurt.

28 thoughts on “Pride Drop

    • Thanks Viveka. It’s the first time in 14 years I had to stop on a hill. A few times. I have not ridden hills in so very long and I didn’t have the right gears. But I thought I could power up them. And I was so very wrong. 🙂 And it was not Mr. Brown but a friend who rode the charity ride with me. 😉 She powered through the hills non stop!


  1. You are a snickle fritz!
    I believe it was you who signed up for the ride, encouraged as many others many who would listen, did not give up and helped a fellow rider who fell!
    You are a true rider!
    When are we doing 100… The flat one!


  2. You may have had to stop this time. You may have not had to have stopped the previous time….*shrugs* … you are riding…you are trying that hill…and in my head, it did not defeat you. Compared to 90% of others…. you still rock. And in my head…rock big time nod nods.


  3. So now you can’t do it all like you used to before the big Pride Drop. The shock of it is, maybe you need to slow down a w-e-e bit. Are your knees the problem?

    For everything, there is a time–and not. *rolls eyes*


    • Ah. So true. The knees weren’t the problem. I had not been riding the road, the hills, and I didn’t have the same bike I had ridden before when riding hills. Not enough gears, not enough training, too much ice cream…. 😉

      It truly was not the time on Saturday for THAT hill! 🙂


  4. Colleen, My bike is hanging from it’s rims in my garage, I haven’t found a basket big enough for my machine. I had pride drop a tab bit ago. Hang in there, there are plenty of beautiful level places to ride. — Take care, Bill


  5. For me it is the inability to pump iron like I used to. Lifting weights with varying degrees of intensity has always been part of my life. But for me it is not a matter of pride. I have come to understand that it is not me at all. Because of global warming 100 pounds on the bar weighs 3 times as much as it did 30 years ago. That’s the answer.


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