Work Ethic

Hanging above my desk:




I will.

I was with friends one day talking about whatever it was we were talking about.  And one friend said he tells his children, when doing their chores, that they will do them “immediately, cheerfully, completely”.

I thought about that for days.

One day I called him and asked him to repeat what he had told me.

I wrote it down.

Added the “I will” and posted it above my desk.   It’s been there for a few years now.

I’ve managed to master the “immediately” pretty well.  I don’t like putting off things I am not looking forward to doing.  It seems if I do it and get it over with I am much happier.  I don’t have to spend all day with the dreading of it.

I am almost anal about “completely”.   I like to check things off.

Work Ethic

Work Ethic

Cheerfully, I can’t say I don’t get grouchy or grumpy.  But I do like to treat my coworkers kindly.  And any uncheerfulness is usually in regards to something totally out of my control.  So I need to learn to let that go.

But I thought my friend’s words of direction for his children made for a good rule of thumb in regards to work ethics.

I like sharing words of wisdom.  Which means they weren’t my words.  But I was wise enough to appreciate them.

And on an unrelated and random as can be  note:

I plan on eating some chocolate peanut butter ice cream this evening.


I will do so, immediately, cheerfully, and completely.