Talk Behind My Back

I passed a coworker in the hallway.  We exchanged pleasantries and I stepped in to my office.

Technically it’s a cubicle.  But I can get a bit grandiose.  Think of Les Nessman of WKRP in Cincinnati.   If I’m really trying to fake myself out I stand on my tip toes and peek over the cube wall and I have a great window shot.  If I peek over and look straight I can see out of  the window that is in my boss’ office.

As I step in to my office I sense someone behind me.

My coworker had stopped, turned around,  and followed me in to my office.  (No, they do not have to knock on a pretend door.)

She said she just wanted to tell me that someone says very nice things about me.  Yes.   They do.  And she wanted me to know that.

She didn’t give me specifics.  And I didn’t ask.  I didn’t need to.

I found comfort and joy in the fact that one, she took the time to share that.  Two, at some point in time unknown to me, one person brought me up in conversation and shared something kind to another person.

It was an unexpected mood lifter.  One, because my mood was already good and I received a surprise boost on top of that.  Two, because someone talking behind my back turns out to be a good thing.  A kind thing.  And something I hope to try to be a little bit better about.

 If I talk behind someone’s back, I want it to be something I would say to the person’s face.  And that I would not be embarrassed if it was repeated.  And if the reason it was repeated was out of kindness.