Talk Behind My Back

I passed a coworker in the hallway.  We exchanged pleasantries and I stepped in to my office.

Technically it’s a cubicle.  But I can get a bit grandiose.  Think of Les Nessman of WKRP in Cincinnati.   If I’m really trying to fake myself out I stand on my tip toes and peek over the cube wall and I have a great window shot.  If I peek over and look straight I can see out of  the window that is in my boss’ office.

As I step in to my office I sense someone behind me.

My coworker had stopped, turned around,  and followed me in to my office.  (No, they do not have to knock on a pretend door.)

She said she just wanted to tell me that someone says very nice things about me.  Yes.   They do.  And she wanted me to know that.

She didn’t give me specifics.  And I didn’t ask.  I didn’t need to.

I found comfort and joy in the fact that one, she took the time to share that.  Two, at some point in time unknown to me, one person brought me up in conversation and shared something kind to another person.

It was an unexpected mood lifter.  One, because my mood was already good and I received a surprise boost on top of that.  Two, because someone talking behind my back turns out to be a good thing.  A kind thing.  And something I hope to try to be a little bit better about.

 If I talk behind someone’s back, I want it to be something I would say to the person’s face.  And that I would not be embarrassed if it was repeated.  And if the reason it was repeated was out of kindness.

51 thoughts on “Talk Behind My Back

  1. How wonderful. 🙂 Wouldn’t the world be a marvelous place if all behind the back talk was kind and compassionate? It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “back talk.”


  2. WKRP?
    Never heard of it…must be one of THOSE shows!
    But, if u ever wonder, whatever became of me. I’m living on the air in Cincinnati…Cincinnati…


  3. I’ve found positive gossip in the workplace to really help, just as you found for yourself. There’s so few compliments given out, that saying something positive (even if it doesn’t get repeated) sets a tone for other good things.

    Another good share from you. I enjoy reading them!



  4. As if you don’t get enough compliments on here, one shall become too big for one’s britches very soon! 🙂 🙂

    Seriously, glad you got that little lift. Workplaces can be extremely bitchy environments so its not easy to come out smelling of roses, they obviously see what we all see.


    • Ha! I have become too big for my britches! That’s why I’m trying to do more protein and more sweating. Oh, that’s not what you meant??? 😉

      I almost didn’t post this because it did sound a bit self promoting. But I think everyone got the point. Except for my friend above who is “blah blah blahing” me. She will give me the dickens later today.

      And thanks. 🙂


  5. Colleen, I suspect that more than once someone has said something behind your back that was indeed very nice, and I can’t imagine anyone saying anything negative about you. But having said that I am realistic enough to know it can and does happen. It was a kindness that lady shared with you, a kindess that you have most likely shared with someone on many an occasion. For me, Mom taught me — If I can’t say something nice keep my yap shut! — Take care, Bill


    • Ha! All mom’s have said that in one way or another! I know I said it!

      I’m sure I’ve given cause to others to be upset. Heaven knows I could probably make a post or two about my missteps in life. But…..why point them out? 😉


  6. I love that you are a bit grandiose about your cubicle! I have found that people often tell me that someone has said something nice about me to them but the person never says it to me. I wonder why that is. Sure I have told other people about someone who is good, kind or talented but I always try to make a point of telling the actual person too!


    • Funny, it seems the older I get the easier I find it to blurt out the “niceties” to any one and every one. I tell waiters they have gorgeous eyes, husband just rolls his. I tell store people I love their smile or courtesy. They all seem to enjoy it like we would. 🙂


  7. Love this, Colleen.
    I agree it was effortless for her to take the time out to tell you so, and it made such a difference so easily.

    I have no doubt at all that anyone would say wonderful things about you.


  8. What a great post! I think we should take more time to repeat the good comments others say instead of only sharing negative comments or gossip. What a difference it would make! So glad you had this experience; however, I am sure it would be difficult for people to find anything negative to say about you!


    • 😉 I feel like a shyster when all of you good people say there is nothing negative to find about me. Remember, I paint the picture of me here. 😉 I am sure it is in a different light that many see me. But I am VERY grateful that you see me in this light.


  9. I love this post Colleen. Unfortunately, we do have both good and bad things said behind our backs, and we also say both good and bad things (as long as its constructive, I don’t think that’s a bad thing). Your post has made me wonder if we should stretch the good stuff to telling the person to their faces too, and not leave it to someone else.

    I love your imaginary office. It reminds me of my imaginary house…..


    • Imaginary places are wonderful. We get to have them however we want.

      I agree with you. We should be telling one another the good things we think about them. And be honest about our “constructive” comments as well.

      Good to see you Yaz! I am so happy for you.


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