Today Would Be A Good Day

Today would be a good day to admit my flaws and weaknesses.  To divulge those things that I don’t handle well.  It would be a good day to point out that when no one can see me frustrated I am punching the up high air.  Or kicking the down low air.  Yes.  I do.  And I did today.

Today would be a good day to remind myself to be grateful for being on the end of the phone I was on.  Instead of the other end.  I did that as well.  Truly, I am grateful for that.  And feel guilty for the frustration on my end.  Though I concealed it well, I did not prevent the feeling.

Today would be a good day to be independently wealthy, decide I need a vacation, and pack up and go.  Probably some place very rocky, very wind swept, very isolated.  Fresh ocean air.

Today would be an incredible day to avoid speaking what I feel and think.  To be quite honest, to avoid screaming what I want to scream and to whom I wish to scream it.

Today would be a perfect day to post on Facebook “I will slap the next person who goes crazy in my presence.”.    So I did.  Interesting, I am getting a lot of support regarding that.

Today would probably be a good day to point out that I can be negative.   So, that’s what I’m doing now.

Today would be a good to point out to myself that I don’t act out on my negative.  So, yeah, there’s that.

Today would be a good day to practice restraint and constraint.  I am doing so now.  Notice my non-cussing words.

Today would be a good day to hang my head low, for a moment, breathe.  Release.   Accept my non-perfect persona.

Today would be a good day to leave the frustration behind.  It doesn’t need carried through the rest of the day.   So here, I lie it down,, and walk away.

Today would be a good day to pick up, go on, and do something fabulous.   Like live well knowing that not all moments are perfect.

Today is a good day.  Knowing not I, nor all of my moments are perfect, but I am perfectly okay with today being a good day.

A Good Day is Today

A Good Day is Today

Today is a good day.  Because it is here.  I am here.  And I did not survive it.  I lived it.


57 thoughts on “Today Would Be A Good Day

  1. I ♥ this post. Thank you for the attitude adjustment. I’ve had a similar day, and have been digging hard for the positives when I’d rather throw those punches.


  2. I could have used this at 1 am last night when I was screaming at dogs who shortly after I went to bed wouldn’t stop whining, had already peed AND pooped up the kitchen, then laid down in it. It wasn’t the end of the world – everything was washable – but I was just SO tired. And so mad at them. And pretty darn negative about having pets.


    • That darn negative creeps in on us all. I can so feel that frustration you had. I had to remain calm and controlled in conversations today where I truly wanted to blurt out some very blunt and non helpful comments. (Which led to punching the air because it was, fortunately, a phone conversation.) One of my wonderful friends here once told me it’s okay for us to get angry, and he was right. We can still clean up the poop in our lives and move on. 🙂 Here’s to both of us getting the poop out of our day!


  3. OH, your words just induced me to tears. I do not really have anyone near (that I know of) that I can say share what you just did. No one that notices that sometimes, when I look ok, or even a little NOT ok, I might be working very hard and feeling a LOT broken, yet trying to do the next right thing. Sometimes I end up screaming it. It …i don’t have a word for it…me. If someone asked me how they could help me, if they noticed, I think I am at a point where I couldn’t identify it. It would be nice to have my hand held while I cried till I was done, maybe. Sigh, Ok, you might have to slap me now.

    I am through it too! …thinking hard now of something from years ago…if I go to bed right now the day will be done, I get another chance again, as soon as I’m at a new day!

    I like those woulds and the problem solving. Thank you.


    • Elisa….I’m so touched by your words. To be working so hard at not breaking while we have to (or think we have to) appear so ‘together’ for the world. How exhausting. I won’t slap you. 🙂 You seem to be able to relate very well with where I was yesterday.

      And though I’m not much of a physical hand holder slash hugger, I am pretty good at it emotionally and virtually. 😉 Consider your self hugged. And consider yourself not slapped buy totally sympathized with. Sometimes we need to have the freedom to break if we want to. Just knowing it’s okay to drop our shoulders and sigh makes us sometimes not even need to do it.

      Oh! Look! It’s a new day. 😉 Welcome to it!!!! Maybe we will both feel the newness and freshness of it…and it will be good. 🙂


    • Did you now? Cuss on your blog? All I remember is….. power and attitude being tossed it that damn c’s face.

      We will both be there again. And won’t it be lovely?

      I hope today is a very good day Irish Katie. Kick. It’s. Ass.


  4. Colleen, you got it so right …. it’s totally down to ourselves if we want it to be a good day – we have all that choice in the morning when we step out of the bed. Even if the day will brings things that we could be without – we will manage it .. in a way that will not effect our attitude against the day. So let us have a good day tomorrow too.


  5. You always put things in was a good day – I spent the morning in my knitting group, our son took Tom’s 71 Torino to a car show and met some neat guys who taught him a few things about engines and what to look for when replaces it, the humidity broke and I relived some wonderful memories. I did not survive it I lived it – great words to remember – Blessings!


  6. Colleen, I am so drawn to your writing, your words flow from the screen directly into a deep place in my head where they stay so I can appreciate them again and again. Thank you. Bill


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