Yes, I Will Love You

I read something today that struck a chord in me.  And I immediately had a response in my heart.   

If you have lost someone to addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Or Other Destroying Addictions

You may relate.

Here is what I read:

“Will You”

(click on “Will You”-it is powerful and painful)

Here is what I feel:


No I won’t hate you.

And I will not dispose of you.

I won’t lose you.

I won’t abuse you.

I can’t.

You don’t give me that choice.


You do it.

Every day.

You use.


Your promise to me meant nothing.

Because you wouldn’t promise your self.


I value you.

Where you see no value.


I won’t hate you.

But I hate what you do.

I won’t dismiss you.

But you long ago left me.


I won’t help you kill yourself.

But you are killing me with you.


Yes I will.

I will love you.

I will keep you.

I will mourn you.

As I have every day.

Since you chose

A substance

Over love.

Over family.

Over life.

Over you.

Even though you choose to not stop.

I do not choose to stop loving you.

No I do not hate you.

But a little part of me

Hates me

Every day.

Because I can’t stop you from using.