Words Complete Me

I am a shell.

A Shell of Me

When I am without words.

I create them.

I read them.

I speak them.

I hear them.

They define my feeling.

They sort out confusions.

They let me give gifts of love.

Share moments of humor.


I fumble and stumble with them.

I paint pretty pictures with them.

I put light on my fears with them.

And when I have no words-

I am shocked.


34 thoughts on “Words Complete Me

  1. ‘shocked’ – it’s really a shocking word, isn’t it. And especially so at the end of your piece, like a punctuation mark at the end.

    Great post, Colleen. I almost wanted an ‘after’ sketch as I saw in the before it’s a shell to be filled. I imagined the after a colour of expression, various.


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