If you are reading this,

Reading Shadow

Instead of watching TV,

Television Shadows

And are looking for grand thoughts.

Empty Shadow Thoughts

You may be surprised

(or not)

Shrug Shadow

That all I have to offer are glimpses

Hiking Shadow

Of my life.

A life of activity.

A life of boredom.

Bored Shadow

A life of love.

Love Shadows


Forever Love Shadows

My life’s greatness.

In glimpses.

Just perfectly simple.

I can’t create anything of more value,

Than  my life.

And what I value in it.

Welcome to my life.

Thank you for stopping for a moment.

A couple of moments.


37 thoughts on “Glimpses

  1. I love it! Did you do the sketches?????? They are absolutely adorable! Your life is awesome! As are you. Smooches!


  2. One of the things I love about reading blogs (in addition to making friends) is the glimpses of real life. Chronicles of a Country Girl originally got me turned on to that – she writes about life with her sick (and now dying) husband, their dog George, her trips to the city, etc. I love reading it, just as I enjoy reading about your normal and boring life. Because in the end, to me it’s not boring. It’s a different way to see things, learn things, and just ride along with you. I’ll bring the chocolate and the beer!



      • Ice cream, I read ice cream. Not beer. But I did read chocolate too…. psst….don’t forget the chocolate.

        I love the blogs and the journal comics that show the daily lives of the writer/artist. Love the ‘glimpses’ they give. Reading other’s lives is like an adventure.

        Thank you Nancy. 🙂


  3. Thanks for letting us into your life with your wonderful thoughts and honest insights about yourself and the world. You have a lovely life, Colleen.


  4. Awww Colleen, a glimpse at your life is a gorgeous view of the grand canyon. There’s nothing better than the symphony of authenticity, integrity, compassion, and well in plain ole simple words, a good person. Glad to stop by and read your words, be a fly on the wall to your life any day. Glad to call you friend.


  5. Colleen, from the glimpses you capture memories, and from those memories you create stories, and those stories become glimpses of you. Thank you — Take care, Bill


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