I Am The Power

I passed her.

She said.

“I love your bike.  It looks so powerful.”

I said.

“Thank you”.

Out loud.

In my heart.

I whispered.

I am.

Bike Over Niagara River

My bike does not take me.

I am the power.

That takes my bike.

Bike Ride Beauty

To great heights.

Downhill To The River

And all of it’s downhills.

It goes no where.

Without me.

Powered Not Here

It sees much.

Falling Water

Because I go.

I Am The Power

I am the power.




The Bike.

36 thoughts on “I Am The Power

  1. This got me thinking of my own power, that which I’ve attributed to other belongings besides bikes (since I don’t have a bike!). Thanks Colleen, I’ve woken up to two great posts today, and some positive stuff to think about. You’re a star!


  2. Yes Colleen, you are the power, not only for your bike, but also for vision your words present, and for the inspiration your words give to others. Take care, Bill


  3. What a wonderful picture story…all arising from a passing by another human being! Wonderful! I can tell you felt GOOOOOD. (ps Your bike was noticed on account of the ORANGE!)


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