Falling Beautifully

When we fall.

We could only hope to fall with such grace.

And beauty.

Letchworth Falls New York

Falling hard-

We don’t do near as well.

If one of us starts to fall-

We move quickly.

Rarely quick enough to catch.

But if we stand still here

We can catch all that falls before us.

In splendor.

In awe.

Husband At The Falls

And wonder about the power.

Of individual drops

Turning into a torrent of strength.

Falling Wonders

Wanting that strength.

New York Falls Letchworth

For the times we fall.

Falling Gracefully With Power

Falling Gracefully With Power

I should hope to fall

To create

Something so spectacular.

With the power of my graceful decent.





57 thoughts on “Falling Beautifully

  1. Great photos and you’re words make me want to be there! Unfortunately when I fall…it’s usually over a child. And then it’s loud laughter or crying that ensues…sometimes from me. Lol


      • They flow out of the source of life through your fingertips Colleen, because when you appreciate something deeply, you are connecting to something far greater. Then something deeper occurs within us, and the words form themselves. I’m always so happy when I read something that has come from that place.


        • Yaz I have to say that was a beautiful way to describe exactly what it feels like when I write. Not always, but often enough that I recognize it once it has happened. And it is like you say…the words do form themselves.


  2. Colleen, when I fall from grace or thru physical act, I am generally filled with language spoken by true sailors. But to fall as you describe is a much grandeur more stimulating way and much more graceful. Thank you as always for your lovely words. Take care, Bill


  3. Love the waterfall, and the suggestion to try falling with grace. Excellent, Colleen.

    Loved the comments too though šŸ™‚


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