The Way of Secrets

If I had secrets

And told them

I would not be trust worthy.

If I had secrets

And kept them

You wouldn’t know.

But it would be my burden.

If  I have no secrets

I have less stress.

Secret Shadows IMG_00000902

If I have no secrets

Don’t give me yours.


The way of secrets.

Has proven to not be a good way.


The older I get.

I realize the silliness in secrets.

And I don’t even like the word ‘silliness’.



35 thoughts on “The Way of Secrets

  1. Silliness! Silliness! True, it’s such an odd word – but you make me smile at the end 🙂

    Secrets, hmmmm. I have no-one to hold secrets against so I have no secrets!!

    Liked this Colleen, pensive. I told another blogger today she ought visit you. Hope she does. She’s a bike rider also, and I love all the insights you get, riding along.


    • Well thanks for telling another about me! 🙂

      I used to worry and fret over secrets. No more. I shan’t keep them or ask others to keep them. If people tell me secrets I can’t keep whats secret separate from what isn’t secret! I think most close to me know this. 😉


  2. My mom is the worst with secrets. She’ll tell me something and ask me to keep it a secret. I’m good at this mainly because I usually forget what she told me because I’m so busy with tons of other stuff. However, within days, my mom will have told everyone herself whom she asked me to keep a secret from! Luckily they usually aren’t earth-shattering, life changing things. They are usually something like, “I think I am going to have a party for Dad but don’t tell anyone.”


    • Oh the secrets I have forgotten! Thank goodness for that. As soon as someone tells me “don’t tell anyone” I always come right back with “since you told me that you KNOW it’s going to pop right out of my mouth! I will say something by accident!”

      Your mom makes me laugh, because I see her in many of my family members! 😉 I wonder if we’re related? 😉


    • I have to say Here Here to this Melissa. My mom does the same thing to me. I am in shock every time one of my family tells me this earth shattering secret that she made me promise not to tell. Then I laugh because I figure if she does it to me she must do it to everyone. Hers is ,” Don’t tell your sisters I am getting new false teeth. It is none of anybody’s business.” I love my mom!


  3. Colleen, My preference is to not be included in a secret or asked to keep one. Sometimes it is just not possible, but then I will do something for my daughter and tell her not to tell her mom. Go figure. Take care, Bill


  4. Colleen, I don’t really agree with you this time …. I think secrets is something we should share with joy and pleasure … or maybe I have misunderstood you. Love your last sentence. I think personal that it’s something very special to share a secret with someone, very special. By the way I like to be silly too. *laughing


    • Ah Viveka, I so love that you and I don’t have to agree. 🙂 I think when I spoke of secrets here, I was so focused on the burdens of secrets that are harmful that I forgot about secrets between friends and lovers, special moments, a special phrase that brings laughter and memory to special people that others don’t understand. I think there are special secrets. No, I don’t think you misunderstood me, I think I forgot that there are “other” kinds of secrets. 🙂


      • Colleen, you’re so right .. of course there is different kinds of secrets and I agree that burdens of secrets can be tough to carry … and I also think that if it’s serious matters – we shouldn’t keep them as secrets – I have a friend that didn’t tell anyone that he had cancer .. and his family wasn’t allowed to tell anyone neither, what a burden he put on the ones that loved him. Not fair. And in my book is it to ask somebody to lie for you.
        Then we have the sweet secrets … the ones we just have to share, because they are so important that we really want to shot over the roof tops …
        Glad that we agree to disagree. *smile


  5. Mostly don’t like secrets either. This is probably best way to deal with people who want to tell you a secret. Only thing is: Maybe that person wants you to accept them due to a secret. Maybe the secret is a mistake they made or had happen, you can help them by saying they are okay. ❤


    • I haven’t read this post in a long time. As soon as I reread it I remembered the feeling I had when someone was trying to tell me secrets and wanting me to “keep” them. I remember the feeling of worry and being put in a bad spot.

      But you’re right, there are those who tell a ‘secret’ to be honest and forthcoming. I’ve had that happen as well.


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