No One Thinks I’m Perfect

I wrote this when I was a teenager:

I’m not perfect

I never claimed to be


That doesn’t stop me

From letting others think I am.

Quite cheeky of me, yes?

No worries.  I am so not perfect and there is absolutely no one who thinks I am.

But I still find myself loved and able to love.  I’m so amazed when I look around the corners, nooks and crannies of my life and find people who accept me for who I am.  People who recognize my faults often times more than I do.  Or quicker than I do.   And they still tolerate me.

There are people in my life that I personally know, and people who I have come across in my daily work life and daily adventures who don’t understand.  They believe themselves unloved, unlovable.

Love is not based on perfection.

Love is not based on expectations.

Love is not granted.

It just is.

If I could get one person in my life to understand one  thing about themselves…

It is…

You are loved.

You  will disappoint people who love you.

You will hurt people who love you.

You will abandon people who love you.

And yet they will still love.   You.

I have disappointed.  Hurt.  Abandoned.

I have been hurt.  Disappointed.  Abandoned.

You are still loved.

I am still loved.

I still love.

Your faults will not make me stop loving you.   Why do they stop you from loving you?


We aren’t perfect.

We don’t need to be.

Love is not earned.

Or granted.

It is.

And we are.