In These Eyes

In these eyes

In A Child's Eyes

Are visions we leave them.

IMG_0066 - Copy

They see the past we create for them.


And the life we build with them.IMG_0102

If we show them beauty.

They will see beauty.IMG_0209

If we show them love.

They will see love.

If we show them compassion

They will see compassion.IMG_0210

If we paint our world for their eyes to see-


And behave in ways-

We hope for them to witness-


To emulate-


We have created vision.IMG_0306

And lasting memories.IMG_0327

In these eyes.

71 thoughts on “In These Eyes

  1. Just love Mr Browns .. comment here – I see you in their eyes – how lovely *smile
    The photos are just magical … those young eyes all looking at you and the world differently every day. Beautiful post, Colleen.


  2. I see you in their eyes means more than one thing to me. I hope with all of my heart they learn from your eyes and even more important your words and actions. This is beautiful Colleen.


  3. Amazing Colleen, truly freaking amazing!! I am in awe of your beautiful poetry and fine photography! It is a huge responsibility, setting examples for our children. We can be so influential or just as easily detrimental in their lives.


  4. This is absolutely fantabulous… I am very, very impressed. As Paulette said, it speaks for itself. Though this generation is rather late, what a world formula for social educational reform, for future generations. It must start now for a better chance, for all to come!

    Thank you for such a beautiful idea and post. You are flowers to our eyes and music to our ears, and one must get people talking about your brilliant message. JJ


  5. Wow…….this is beautiful, …….and so true. Just really nice and a great reminder for all our hearts of those who are raising children………thank you for sharing !!


  6. Oh geez Melissa! I went to see yours and AM amazed at our similarities! I still think I may do the one where the eyes of these little ones from the family tree go so far out…but looking back they have the same ancestral visions. I loved yours. ๐Ÿ™‚


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