In These Eyes

In these eyes

In A Child's Eyes

Are visions we leave them.

IMG_0066 - Copy

They see the past we create for them.


And the life we build with them.IMG_0102

If we show them beauty.

They will see beauty.IMG_0209

If we show them love.

They will see love.

If we show them compassion

They will see compassion.IMG_0210

If we paint our world for their eyes to see-


And behave in ways-

We hope for them to witness-


To emulate-


We have created vision.IMG_0306

And lasting memories.IMG_0327

In these eyes.

71 thoughts on “In These Eyes

  1. Just love Mr Browns .. comment here – I see you in their eyes – how lovely *smile
    The photos are just magical … those young eyes all looking at you and the world differently every day. Beautiful post, Colleen.


  2. I see you in their eyes means more than one thing to me. I hope with all of my heart they learn from your eyes and even more important your words and actions. This is beautiful Colleen.


  3. Amazing Colleen, truly freaking amazing!! I am in awe of your beautiful poetry and fine photography! It is a huge responsibility, setting examples for our children. We can be so influential or just as easily detrimental in their lives.


  4. This is absolutely fantabulous… I am very, very impressed. As Paulette said, it speaks for itself. Though this generation is rather late, what a world formula for social educational reform, for future generations. It must start now for a better chance, for all to come!

    Thank you for such a beautiful idea and post. You are flowers to our eyes and music to our ears, and one must get people talking about your brilliant message. JJ


    • Well thank you Fourneir0917 ! You have just made my evening. I appreciate your kindness .And I hope these little eyes see beauty and kindness and recreate these for the rest of their lives.


  5. Wow…….this is beautiful, …….and so true. Just really nice and a great reminder for all our hearts of those who are raising children………thank you for sharing !!


  6. Oh geez Melissa! I went to see yours and AM amazed at our similarities! I still think I may do the one where the eyes of these little ones from the family tree go so far out…but looking back they have the same ancestral visions. I loved yours. ๐Ÿ™‚


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