Our Existence

I am as insignificant as the star in the sky.

I am as significant as a star in the sky.

I Am Significant I Am Magnificent I am small.

I am large.

I am right.

I am wrong.

I am wonder.

I am wondered about.

I am known.

I am unknown.

I look up.

I am looked down upon.

I am.

You are.

It’s glorious.

It’s frightening.

Our existence.

34 thoughts on “Our Existence

  1. This so reminds me of how I feel when I visit Allihies in West Cork. I walk along the roads over shadowed by large untamed scree mountains. They have been there for centuries. I often feel my life is so insignificant in the scheme of things, I am like a grain of sand on the beach, yet my life is so huge for me. Great post.


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