Dear Australia,

I am very sorry for the death of your beautiful Son Christopher Lane.

I know it is because he came here, to America, that he is gone.

And for that I am truly sorry.

And to be honest, I don’t blame you for being angry.  And saddened.  And disgusted.   I don’t blame you for encouraging your citizens to avoid coming to America.   As Americans, we are often fearful of going someplace where violence seems to be  part of an every day existence.   So we can’t blame you for feeling the same way about here.   That would seem a little hypocritical.

I can’t give a defense for what happened.

There is absolutely no defense.

I have no way to give comfort or make it right.  That’s not possible and I know it.

I can only give you my heart felt condolences.   And let you know that America is full of people who are as stunned and shocked as you.  Horrified doesn’t begin to describe it.  I am ashamed that those who did this to your Son call themselves American.

I send up my prayers for  Mr. Lane’s family and friends, and country.

I am so very sorry.

And I understand how you feel.

Please accept my condolences.



49 thoughts on “Dear Australia,

  1. Every country has its embarrassments. A beautiful Irish girl was raped and murdered in Australia earlier this year. Here in Ireland we have had a lot of tragedies with the troubles in the north, yet just like America, these countries are also full of great people. A lovely post and I understand exactly what you were saying.


  2. I hadn’t seen the story (I’m sort of boycotting the news of late), but went to read about it after reading your post. Boredom is the reason? What a horrible reason to want to harm someone! My husband and I were discussing something similar the other night. Someone in his hometown was murdered a few years ago by teens who were bored. Shortly before that, almost an entire family were murdered in a nearby city by a kid who just wanted to find out what it feels like to kill someone. Wish someone had given those kids something to do.
    Wonderful letter to Australia, CM. Thank you.


    • Robin, there is no understanding of all of this. Absolutely none. What horror, the situations you tell me about, and this one. I don’t even know how to work my way through it. My thoughts are with his family and friends.


  3. Horrible. Senseless. Beyond comprehension. Such a beautiful life ended for absolutely nothing. I know that my your heart, and mine, and all the world’s, are heavy with grief for those suffering this devastating loss. May God send them peace and strength and comfort.


  4. I feel for the young’s man’s family. Bored? Maybe the lash should come back into fashion. SOME young people need to learn the hard way. They don’t seem afraid of hard TIME but I bet they might think twice about the lash.

    You are a kind and thoughtful lady.


  5. Colleen … I understand the angst about the individuals who did this .. is…is …

    But … it is NOT America. It is NOT any country ….

    And I understand reaching out to those in another land … hoping they understand this. And .. the thing is … most do.

    America is good. Australia is good.

    Tragedies … I am sorry this happened … I am so very sorry.


    • You’re right Irish Katie. It isn’t America. But I don’t blame his family and friends, at this point, thinking so. Not now, in their grief and sorrow. I am with you, and so very sorry.


  6. Very sad, very, very unnecessary!
    Thank you for saying the words so beautifully, that are in all our minds and hearts, Colleen!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Christopher’s family.


  7. Colleen, thank you for so eloquently, and with such passion expressing the sorrow that many of us feel here in the US. A place where people used to come to enjoy what we as a country had to offer. But given our recent past, many a family will make other destination plans to avoid the senseless violence that seems to becoming our trademark. My heart goes out to the Lane family. Thank you again for having the right words. Please take care, Bill


    • You’re welcome Bill. I know every country has these problems. But that certainly doesn’t make it easier to accept happening here. Everyone wants their home to be safe and wonderful. Sadly it seems that “every where” has those few who don’t care about humanity or kindness, or anything. Thank you Bill. Be well.


  8. Oh, Colleen – this is lovely.

    You know, it hit me because Daniel wants to go to America and do martial arts fighting there. To think of him jogging down the street, being shot, dying in a ditch at 19…. It really is horror.

    This is a lovely post, Colleen.


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