30 thoughts on “My Kids Just Thought They Hated Me

    • Ouch Elisa, that place does hurt. But I came to realize it was their frustration at being caught in the “not their own boss” kind of feeling. It will get better. I used to tell my kids ‘I love you enough for the both of us’ to get through it all. Hang in there mom!


  1. Isn’t that the truth. No lies. All truth, but you’ve laid this all out for us to see.
    Being a parent is the hardest job on earth, but the pay-off when you kid(s) realize you were on the money, is heartwarming.

    Wonderfully written, Colleen. Here’s to Moms.


    • And what joyous moments those payoffs are! When those kids come back and say such heartwarming things.

      Amen Tess, amen!

      I remember my oldest being totally amazed, and grateful, that few of her friends came home to family dinner every single night. At our house it was a must!


  2. You rock! Love this part: “I was not their friend. I was their parent.” I see so many parents today who are trying to be friends with their children, especially their teen-age children. It doesn’t work out well most of the time.
    My children thought they hated me too. Now that we’re all adults and they have children (or are thinking about having children), they learned they don’t. I knew they didn’t. 🙂


  3. I can be very bossy. Very controlling. Very demanding. Very unfair. Sometimes it surprise me that my kiddos are very vocal in saying that they love me so much and I am the best mom in the world — duh, wait till all of them turn to adults. But then I don’t want to be negative about it because so far my teen daughter still thinks I am the best mom — the best bossy, controlling, demanding, unfair mom! Lol

    I choose to be such to them, who can tell them straight what’s crooked and needs to be straightened. I am their mom and if I am a friend as well I would be the kind of friend like Nathan to David — a positive critic.

    Have a blessed day best mom! 🙂


    • Well put Bended!

      Thank you! 🙂 And I hope your day is blessed as well. Ah….full of children who love you, how could it not be?

      If your teenage daughter thinks you are the best….I say let her continue on!!!!! 🙂


    • Nothing ‘happened’ this day. I was just thinking of my kids, and raising them, and missing raising them. I see so many people (yourself included) still in the actively raising kids….just makes me think of them. 🙂 In a very good way.


  4. Thank God you were willing to be the parent and not your kids’ friend! I can’t tell you how differently I see children behaving down here in South America–where parents are, indeed, parents. LOVE this post, Nicole. Hope you and David had a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  5. Colleen, Oh lord do I remember the days of frustration, of mismanagement, of sheer disgust, I had for my Mom, because she was wrong, she didn’t know what was best for me, and I could do it myself. This was just another example of my stupidity. Mom was Mom, she didn’t start to become my friend until I joined the Navy, but even then she was still mom. I miss her. This was a wonderful post. It reminds me of those times of my youth, and prepared me to become a parent myself. Mom did a good job raising me. Thank you for this post. Take care, Bill


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