If I Live A Day

Without finding anything to marvel about.  Or laugh about.  Or ponder over.

What kind of day has it been?

Years from now when I wonder what it was I did with all of the time that passed before that moment I am wondering-I want to reflect and know it was with value.

Maybe I didn’t scale a mountain today.   But I did do it.    Maybe I didn’t push myself on my bike to go further than I have before.  But I have done that.   Maybe I didn’t dance in to the dark to celebrate a wedding.   But I have done this.

Today I may have just sat in my house and weathered feeling poorly.

And if that doesn’t scream excitement, it still screams value.

I value the home we are making.  It is an on going process.  It’s comfort.  It’s safety.   It’s where I can hide.   It’s where I can share my thoughts and my dreams.

I value that I have a good job.  Surrounded by people who are willing to help.   And willing to do, if I can’t.

I value that I have someone(s) who check on me and say “hey, how are you doing?”

I value that my day may not be packed with activity and excitement.  But packed with life none the less.

I value that I can connect with people, literally, world wide.   We can share our experiences and express our thoughts on current events.   And in doing so we learn about one another in a way never possible like this.

I value that I can read a book and be amazed at the world in those pages.

I value that I can watch a video and laugh, for real, out loud.

I didn’t do anything exciting today.   And quite honestly I wasn’t up for it if it had been scheduled.

But if I live a day that I have and fill it with value.   Then I have something to write about.   Talk about.  And look back on.

And I get to keep this day.

Snot filled mucus brain and all.