If I Live A Day

Without finding anything to marvel about.  Or laugh about.  Or ponder over.

What kind of day has it been?

Years from now when I wonder what it was I did with all of the time that passed before that moment I am wondering-I want to reflect and know it was with value.

Maybe I didn’t scale a mountain today.   But I did do it.    Maybe I didn’t push myself on my bike to go further than I have before.  But I have done that.   Maybe I didn’t dance in to the dark to celebrate a wedding.   But I have done this.

Today I may have just sat in my house and weathered feeling poorly.

And if that doesn’t scream excitement, it still screams value.

I value the home we are making.  It is an on going process.  It’s comfort.  It’s safety.   It’s where I can hide.   It’s where I can share my thoughts and my dreams.

I value that I have a good job.  Surrounded by people who are willing to help.   And willing to do, if I can’t.

I value that I have someone(s) who check on me and say “hey, how are you doing?”

I value that my day may not be packed with activity and excitement.  But packed with life none the less.

I value that I can connect with people, literally, world wide.   We can share our experiences and express our thoughts on current events.   And in doing so we learn about one another in a way never possible like this.

I value that I can read a book and be amazed at the world in those pages.

I value that I can watch a video and laugh, for real, out loud.

I didn’t do anything exciting today.   And quite honestly I wasn’t up for it if it had been scheduled.

But if I live a day that I have and fill it with value.   Then I have something to write about.   Talk about.  And look back on.

And I get to keep this day.

Snot filled mucus brain and all.

25 thoughts on “If I Live A Day

  1. Colleen, I feel for you, I truly do. But you face your mucus filled brain much better than I do. I have said it countless times I love how you sum up such deep meaningful feeling in such a concise manner. Each time I read your post, I always take a line or two of it, to guide me. Thank you, Bill


  2. Sitting in your home, comfortable and safe, may not be as memorable as the days you go, you do, you achieve and you are filled with pride.

    But, your life is not gone backwards. Many children in Syria will have lost their parents, or their own lives today.

    Sometimes, sitting comfortable and safe is something to be cherished

    Be happy buddy


    • It is certainly cherished Steven. Not a day goes by that I don’t cherish the good in my life. Be it people. Activities. Kind words. And my relative safety. I wish it were so for everyone.


  3. Isn’t it amazing that on a day where you are sick and confined to your house you can still travel the world from your chair? And it gave you a chance to reflect in quiet about your life.


  4. I value connecting with people worldwide too, Colleen 🙂

    Sorry about your snot filled brain, but it produced a solid, thoughtful post.


  5. I hope you feel better, Chatter Master! Jack was prescribed “Amysta” or “Amista” or something like that for his nose. However, after one squirt, he refused to do it again due to some kind of foul taste…


    • I am so very slowly getting better. Allergies are horrid right now. Tell Jack to try again. I do NOT like the nasal sprays either. If the taste is in his throat he’s not getting it up his nose right. And he’s right, it is a horrible taste.


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