The Concept Of Nice

I wanted to find out what kids would do if they had all of the money they would possibly need to do something nice.  I have numerous under the age of ten children that I was going to pose the questions I had come up with, to.

I was going to write up all of the comical and sensible things the kids came up with in response.

So I started with the first child.   The one I thought would kick this off with one of the best, if not the best, answers.

But the  little wise Pirate Irish Queen stumped me right from the get go.

I asked her “what would you do if you had all of the money you needed to do something nice for someone?”

She replied “hmmmmm”   for real,  that is what she said.   She followed it up with “I don’t know Mamo”.

So I was stumped.  I thought for sure she would have a brilliant answer.  Because she is.  Brilliant.

So I asked her the second question.   “What would you do, that’s really really nice, for someone if you don’t have any money?”

She said “hmmmmmm” for real.   And said “I’d gived them all of my toys”.

And there, was my lesson.

The concept  of nice is not in money.   It’s in giving.  Of what you have.  Of yourself.

Why do we make things more difficult as we get older.

It’s really this simple.